Charles Gibson Prepares for the Nationals

Before I begin Charles Gibson's letter to you, let me point out that Mikie has competed in only two NADAC weekends EVER. In those two weekends, he has earned six NADAC titles! Mikie will be going to the AKC Nationals in Chicago on Oct 11th and 12th at McCormack Place Lakeside and hopes for some Midwestern Beardie Agility Enthusiasts to be there. If Mikie competed more than once a year in NADAC, he would be going to the NADAC nationals, too! It takes two weekends, such as Mikie's to qualify. Also, in a post script to his letter, Charles adds that Mikie just earned his MX with 9 out of 10 Clean Runs! A BIG congratulations to you and Mikie! Sounds like your four year old boy is a real winner! --Libby

Letter fom Charles Gibson of Caledonia MI

and Mikie-Ch. Holm Mike L. Doglas, HC, MX, U-AGI, OAC, OGC, OJC, CGC

17 August 1997

Dear Libby,

This past weekend (Aug 9th and 10th), at our local Agility Club's annual NADAC trials, Mikie earned, or finished the NADAC Open Regular, Open Jumpers, and Open Gamblers titles. He also earned 2 legs in the Elite Regular class, too. Out of eight times he was in the ring(s), he qualified seven times, and had two 2nds, two 3rds, one 4th, and one 1st placement. The only time he didn't qualify was due to a handler induced error: I got lost on a course! ((Cartoon--Mikie: "Cmon, Charles, get moving!" Charles: "Where am I?") Still, "Team Gibson" had a very successful weekend.

Not every weekend has proved so fruitful. For example, about a month back, we traveled to beaufiful Southern Wisconson for an AKC trial put on by Gail Storm's club. Gail is a very well known and likable Agility Judge in these parts (Mid West). The day we left for the grueling 8-hour drive, Mikie became ill. Of what and why I do not know. First day of the trial, he ran out of the ring. Second day, he baulked at the pause table. In this sport, we eventually share major victories as well as major disappointments; such was the latter.

By the way, I can't remember if I told you how much I enjoyed the pic of Skye jumping the golden Gate, and the extensively written Agility section in the May Beardie Bulletin, too. good to know that more and more Beardies are being given the chance to try their paws at this sport. You and Beth Canner did (and are) doing a tremendous amount of work. Such toiling should NOT go unnoticed, eh? The "mystery" story (for the Bulletin) has fallen to the wayside. Actually, I'll try to include some of the story in a different copy I'm workin on, currently.

As for AKC results,* Mikie's earned 9 MX legs, 8 of which are 100's. We hope to earn that last, elusive, leg soon, BEFORE the AKC Nationals in Chicago. One favor, if it's not asking for too much: Is it possible to put on the BEARDIE-L page and/or the BAD on-Line group that Mikie (And I sure hope other Beardies, too) will be competing at the AKC National Agility Trials in Chicago on Oct. 11th and 12th, McCormack Place East (Lakeside Center). Undoubtedly, there will be a large supporting contingency for the Border Collies, Shelties, and Goldens there. But, who will cheer our Beardies on?? Perhaps you could send this info to the on-line Beardie people in the Chicago, Wisconsin, and Illinois area? The time is fast approaching. I'd appreciate your help in this matter, if it's possible.

By the way, was your Beardie Agility Workshop/Fun Match a success?

Sincerely, Charles Gibson

*Flash--Yesterday (8/16), Mikie earned his last MX leg, score of 100. That makes 9 Clean runs out of 10. the Location was one of the many Chicago based Agility Clubs, "Agility Ability". They will, along with "Blitzen Agility", be hosting the AKC Nationals.

[AKC Nationals '97]

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