BCCA National Specialty Team Relays

4 October 2001

Westminster Maryland

Libby Myers-Buhite, Relay Judge

Beth Canner-Agility Trial Chair

Karen Norteman-Agility Trial Secretary

Richard Canner, Mary Maurer, Carol Lamb, and Gail Marantz-Romine-Trial Committee

Relay Winners - The Whirling North Winds

Photo from Sonja Moore

Sonja Moore and Wally (Britannia William Wallace)
Polley Ann McClure and Ivy (Black Friar Ivy Roon)
Maryann Groves and Brechin (Jubo-Lee Once In a Lifethyme)
Timothy Moore and Snuffy (Snuff and Stuff)

Beardie Relay Results - Beth Canner

On Thursday, October the 4th, following the AKC portion of the Agility Trial, the Beardie Agility Relay was held. Ten teams competed. Each team consisted of 4 Beardies and 4 handlers. The Relay was run with a baton exchange at the start/finish line. The only faults were 5 points for a knocked bar. Each obstacle had to be completed. The total time PLUS faults = the score. The lowest score WON. We have some fast moving beardies and handlers! The Teams ran and I do mean RAN. Notice how close in time the 4 top placing teams were actually. The team spirit was great. We had kilts scarves hats, bandanas, t-shirts, signs, posters, and flags in abundance. Beardies were barking and leaping for joy everywhere. Tired handlers came to life after the loong drawn out day of standard and jumpers classes. Games and fun are good for an event such as this. Let's hope we see more as time goes on. Enjoying yourself with your Beardie is what it's all about. Thank you to all the teams competing and to our judge, Libby Myers-Buhite.

Talisker Bryden in his "Kilted Celt" costume

Judge's Comments - Libby Myers-Buhite

I was delighted when Beth Canner invited me to judge the Beardie Relays. As the time drew near, I noted great enthusiasm across the country as teams shaped up and names and logos were chosen. Forty participated in the event and spirits were bubbling at the end of the long trial day as all donned their costumes and prepared to run. In preparation for the Relay, Beth asked Gretchen Blackburn to design a banner for the winning team, which they will carry, like the Olympic torch, to next year's Specialty in hopes that team games will continue. Gretchen chose the picture of Sharon Prassa's Annie in full flight across a broad jump for the banner design. By some quirk of fate, two banners were made and we were able to present one to the winning team, "The Whirling North Winds," and one to Sharon in commemoration of Annie.

Relay Banner designed by Gretchen Blackburn

1st Place, The Whirling North Winds, NO faults, 54:46

Sonja Moore and Wally
Polley Ann McClure and Ivy
Maryann Groves and Brechin
Timothy Moore and Snuffy

2nd place, Ruff and Ready, NO faults, 58:78

Sharon Baker and Pearl
Carol Colavecchio and Truman
Eleanor Logue and Chelsie
Elaine O'Carroll and Rory

The Kilted Celts

Photo by Barbara Stone

3rd place, The Kilted Celts, 5 faults, 53:99=58:99

Ruth Bryden and Talisker
Neil Bryden and Jura
Sandy Weiss and Chip
Joanne Williamson and Rob

4th place, Michigan Motion, 10 faults, 55:92=1:05:92

Maryann Szalka and Cowboy
Jack Szalka and Checker
Carol Carlsen and Shiloh
Earl Carlsen and Ivy Sue

5th place, The Bitches, NO faults, 1:12:80

Dottie Hamblin & Nellie
Toni Tuck & Ella
Teri Fleming & Patty
Sue O'Donnell & Tess

6th place, The Chain Gang, NO faults, 1:17:27

aka: the Britannia BAD Boys

Amy Steltz & Bobby
Sharon Prassa & Zoot
Michele Ritter & Biff
Joanne Williamson & Beau

7th place, Garden State Blazing Beardies, NO faults, 1:20:23

Edie Circelli and Allie
Elaine Kroposki and Pippin
Debbie Barner and Daisy
Joanne Williamson and Sean

8th place, All American Brat Team, 5 faults, 1:36:58=1:41:58

Jeff Ipser and Jax
Karen Drummond and Shelly
Dawn Symes and Duncan
Jo Klein and Maggie

9th place, Four Off The Floor, 5 faults, 1:38:60= 1:43:60

Jan Vallone and Chloe
Tony Vallone and Gatsby
Sandy McDonald and Kip
Lucy Campbell-Gracie and Tommy

Walt and the 7 Bitches

Photo from R Schroeder

10th place, Walt and the 7 Bitches, no time

Rosemary Schroeder and Lizzie
Liz Cox and Lucy
Walt Ernst and Dannie
Charlie Banfield and Lorna

Of course, Charlie didn't exactly fit the role of "bitch" but we did the best we could by putting my bra on him and stuffing it with socks! He sure was ugly!!!

-- Rosie Schroeder

Participant Comments:

"Talisker's Open title has been very hard earned, due to his table tantrums. Jura is our little woolly bullet. She is so small and unassuming in appearance and then she just explodes - and, so do the contacts and jumps! The relay was a spectacle. I cannot wait to see it on video. I don't think a beardie can have more fun than they all did in that 15 minutes." -- Ruth Bryden

"I thought the race at the end was a great thing. We all got to laugh and unwind after a long tiring day and just enjoy running with our beards." -- Teri Fleming

"The relay was so fun. I've never competed in a relay before. I'll be more apt to try the USDAA pairs now." -- Sonja Moore

BCCA National Specialty Agility Trial 2001