BAD Times at the BCCA National Specialty 1997

Jana Dozet with Shelby

Photo by Chet Jezierski

BAD Members were totally smashing at the Specialty Agility Event in their new T-shirts and we have news from Charles Gibson and Jerry Bergen, invited to the AKC Nationals with Mikie and Breezy, that they wore their BAD T shirts there. So, Beardie presence will be felt! A huge thank you to Gretchen Blackburn who designed our totally fabulous T and won First Place with it in the Professional Art Contest at the Specialty! And a huge thank you to Karen Norteman who conceived the idea of a BAD Web Page. We met at the Specialty, and now you see the results!

Karen Norteman with Sharon Prassa, Amos, and Annie

The following BAD members participated in the Agility Event at the Specialty:


Jack Buhite Piping for the Parade of Title Holders

Photo by Sue Cassidy

We also had a great time getting to know many BAD members who cheered us on and helped out with the event! It was great fun meeting all of you!

Did more of you come, whom we didn't meet?

Gretchen "the Grape" Blackburn

In case any of you want to know who the person really "getting down" in the Grape Stomp was, it was Gretchen Blackburn! She was going at it feet, knees, elbows and all and was covered from head to toe in grape juice! The photos will reveal all! What a pleasure it was to meet you, Gretchen. What a spirit you have! You will not be forgotten in California!

BCCA National Specialty Agility Trial 1997

Bulletin Article-1997

Group Photo

NCBCF Members at the Specialty