National Specialty Agility

September 26, 1997

Skyedance Jumping over Beardie Jumps designed by Kathy Pavlich

Several of our members were involved in the National Specialty Agility Trial. Kathy Pavlich chaired and was assisted by her committee, Iris Berry, Beth White and Libby and Jack Buhite. After the splendid preparation of our August Workshop with Nancy Gyes and Jim Basic all ran smoothly from beginning to end, thanks to Kathy's foreseeing every detail. Iris and Beth were instrumental in finding us our excellent Judge, Tammy Wiebe, who was a delight to work with. Iris also brought her friend, Cathy Hardman with her to our trial. Cathy worked tirelessly with Libby at the Scoring Table to be sure all the results were posted accurately and even brought along her Aussie, Kinich, with whom she ran the Jumps with Weaves Course. Iris and Beth White were also Scribes for the event, perhaps the hardest task of all, since they really had to understand all the Judge's calls and mark them accurately. Both also helped with course building and Beth did a fantastic job with decorations in the grape motif and with finding door prizes for our Beardies. Kathy Pavlich served as Chief Steward as well as Chair and Timer for the event and built the lovely Beardies with Bones jumps which are still being admired across the country on Mazie Blank's tapes. Jack was Chief Course Builder, directing an efficient crew of volunteers from across the country with Sharon Prassa as his assistant. Jana Dozet and Beth Tilson also worked as Gate Stewards, keeping track of the order of the run and setting each Beardie and handler at the starting gate on time. With all of us working together, it is no wonder that the Agility Trial turned out to be a magnificent event. Libby also spent a few evenings in advance of the event baking Beardie cookies, using delightful Beardie Cookie Cutters, gate prizes for the Beardie Handlers offered by Joanne Williamson of New Jersey. Jean and Irwin Richland assisted with giving out the door prizes and helping maintain good order at the trial.

Besides working tirelessly before and during the event, our NCBCF members also had fun running their Beardies during the trial. For Bobbie Bokelund, Mary Edner, and Pat Palozzola, this was their first Agility Trial ever. Bobbie even got a trophy in Jumps with Weaves. Dare we say it was with her Sheltie, Ashley? (We allowed two honorary Beardies to run the Jumps with Weaves, mainly those whose handlers helped with the trial.) Beth White was the star of the day, earning three trophies! She took a second place in her titling run, earning Mirage's Novice title, then went on to take first place with Mirage in Novice Jumps with Weaves. Not until I saw Mazie's Agility tape did I realize that Beth also took first place with Spiff at the Excellent level in Jumps with Weaves. Beth often helps out Iris running Spiff, since she knows Spiff well from her days handling him in the Show Ring. Beth Tilson earned her second Novice leg in her titling run. Miles is such an extraordinary guy that he earned his title in only three runs!

Where we really shone as a club was in the Jumps with Weaves where we took 6 out of the 8 trophies offered. Our California Beardies really seem to excel in Jumping!

AKC Specialty Agility Trial-2 out of 6 Qualifiers

NOVICE B	20" Class
100     2nd	Mirage-Ch.Firstprizebears Las Vegas, NA, PT (B)		
					Owners: Beth White, Jim White, Kathy Pavlich

NOVICE A 	20" Class                                                                                         
95      3rd	Miles-Ch.Chantilly High Stakes, NA, CGC (D)
					Owners: Beth Tilson, John Tilson, and Kathy Pavlich

Jumps with Weaves-6 out of 8 Qualifiers

1st		Spiff-Ch.Chantilly Look Before You Leap, OA, CGC (D)					
		Owners: Iris L. Berry, Kathy Pavlich & Pam Harris
		Handler for Iris: Beth White
2nd		Annie-Moonsong Klassical Legacy, AX, CDX, HS (B)						
		Owners: Sharon Prassa & Joseph Prassa

1st		Skyedance-Ch.Melita Skyedance, OA, CGC (D)
		Owners: Libby Myers-Buhite & Jack Buhite
2nd		Amber-Ch.Spindrift Pride of Glengarry, NA, PT (B)
		Owner: Pam Harris
1st		Mirage-Ch.Firstprizebears Las Vegas, NA, PT (B)						
		Owners: Beth White, Jim White, Kathy Pavlich 


2nd		Ashley-Caitlin Shining Star (B)
		Owner: Bobbie Bokelund 

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BCCA National Specialty Agility Trial 1997

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