Agility relays were held at the conclusion of regular agility judging.

Each team consisted of 4 Beardies and 4 handlers
~ had a unique name
~ wore team clothing

and ran a new and exciting relay with gambles that teams at all
levels of competition enjoyed.



The relay was wonderful. All the Beardies did great...but..a couple of handlers messed up ...and actually made it more fun. One handler forgot to remove the leash so needless to say...knocked down a few bars. And one handler forgot her baton. We all decided that NEXT year the relay should be 3 out of 5 or 2 out of 3 due to the fact it is all over tooo quickly.

The official stats are as follows:

time was 22:14 seconds!
Andrea Hobe, Giselle Barrett, Bobbie Raguse and Sharon Prassa (filled in for Jan Norikane and my beautiful Willow) did an outstanding job.


From left to right:

Sharon Prassa and Zoot, Bobbie Raguse and Kira

Andrea Hobe and Barkley, Giselle Barrett and Dickens


From left to right:

Sharon Prassa and Zoot, Bobbie Raguse and Kira

Andrea Hobe and Barkley, Giselle Barrett and Dickens

time 28:93
Sonja and Timothy Moore, Marilyn Snook, and Polley Ann McCure
were moving and grooving.

time 30:96
Casey and Tim Minner, Sandy McDonald and Beth Kortze
were just b a r e l y behind the 2nd place team.

time 36:38
Debbie and Terry Barner, Claire Cifarelli, and Joanne Williamson
did a fast and methodical run.

The BITCHIN BOYZ were 5th place
Jan and Tony Vallone, Linda Porter and Terry Johnson
had a fast time of 26:97 BUT had 2 knocked bars which just put them out of reach for a placement,
it gave them a total score of 36:97

time 41:97
Dawn Symes, Carol Carlson, Jan Leverenz and Earl Carlson
did a nice clean smooth run, just not as fast as they needed.

THE PIT CREW came in 7th place
time 50:66
Rosie Schroeder,Walt Ernst, Linda Horgis, and Jeannie Galluzzo
also did a fast, clean run, they just had a few problems on the way to the tunnel.

All in all, great fun, great runs, lots of entertainment value and good sportmanship all around.

The relay was a basic one. Jumps were at 16 inches since dogs had already run at least twice.

It was jump, u-shaped tunnel, jump, then land on pause table,
Handler #1 then passes baton to handler #2.
Handler #2 then goes back to line by way of jump, loong straight tunnel, then jump again.
Handler # 2 then passes baton to Handler # 3 at start line and whole process is repeated.
Each team worked out their own strategy.

We also thought it would be a nice rememberance for the teams to sign back of banner.

If I think of anything more...I will let you know.

Beth Canner

The icing on the cake was winning the agility relay with our team members:

Barkley and Andrea Hobe
Dickens and Gisele Barrett
Zoot and Sharon Prassa

Bobbie Raguse and Kira

For being picked up at the last minute by a relay team, we did great. As a matter of fact, I bet people work really hard trying to put together a team like ours. And, you couldn't meet nicer people than Bobbie Raguse, Andrea Hobe and Gisele Barrett. Zoot, Kira, Dickens and Barkley were phenomenal. We went last (because I was up at the Therapy Dog testing), so these beardies really got to work themselves up. By the time it was our turn, these guys' feet were not even touching the floor. Figure, all four dogs total ran the course in about 25 seconds. Relays are so much fun to begin with, but to have that speed and precision (on our part...we really practiced the baton hand-off so we would not lose any time there!!!) made it more special. Needless to say, winning that banner was extra special for me. And, we started a new tradition with the relay banner...our team signed the back so from now on, teams can do the same and we'll have a great history of our relays. If, in the future, any past winning teams are together, please sign the banner, also.

We're hoping for a repeat next least Bobbie and I are intending to meet in Fort Collins...we're working on Andrea andGisells, who live in Georgia.

Sharon Prassa

2003 BCCA National Specialty Agility Trial

For those of you who are history buffs, you can find accounts of all eight trials along with scores and pictures at:

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