Hidden Farms Adrian


Yvonne Richter of Hørsholm, Denmark

From Yvonne Richter-29 May 2000

Hi, I just happened to come across your homepage - and really got trapped there. It is GREAT.

For my own part, I have a wonderfull five years old male bearded collie, called BENJI. He could easily represent your BAD-organization (with help from me) in Denmark, if that would be of interest to you. To my knowledge, only 2 bearded collies are competing in Denmark right now, but I suspect more are to come.

I live about 20 kilometres (approx. 12,42 miles) north of Copenhagen in a village called Hørsholm (Hoersholm).

Benji is 5 years old, born on August 24th, 1994. He was born at a place called Hidden Farm in Denmark (his real name is Hidden Farms Adrian) and was sold to a young couple when turning 4 month.

I only got him 3 years ago (on July 31st, 1997). At that time he was mistreated (not on purpose I think, but by bad knowledgement of dogs in general, and more important not knowning the consequences of having a Bearded Collie), had not a single muscle in his body (he couldn't even carry his own weight when trying to sit), had no confidience at all and thought that meeting a human being was tantamount to being stocked away in a room, with no windows and the door firmly locked.

Anyway, by being understanding, giving him the love that he so much needed and the joy of working together, I now have the most wonderful dog, who is strong, self-confident, trustful as well as prizewinning in Agility-competitions. You wouldn't believe your eyes, if you saw him then and now. He gained 6 kilos during the first 3 months due to work and muscles. I'll try to send you some "before & after" photos, so you can see for yourself. However, please only use the "after-picture" on the web-site. Believe me, you wouldn't want to use the "before-picture"...

I would be delighted to being listed on the membership-page, so please do so.

Kind regards and all the best..

Yvonne & Benji

From Yvonne Richter-7/12/00

<<Hi Libby

Long time - no update...

We have been so busy, Benji & I since our last chat. Competing, training and working, but no excuse - here is the latest news, followed by the "After"-photo of Benji as promised.

Our primary goal this year was to make it to the Danish Championships. Last year we were very, very close (just 1/4 time fault from succeding), so this year we were very determined, as you can image. And guess what - WE JUST DID IT...!

We needed 4 clean runs this season, which only can be optained during 8 special selected meets. We managed to get the last clean run at meet no. 5 on saturday past. I'm so incredibly happy for making it. For comparison, some of dogs on the Danish National Team (i.e. selected for the WC in Finland this year) are not yet qualified, and have only 2 more chances to go.

Many great and happy regards
Yvonne & Benji>>

From Yvonne Richter-8/8/00 - yrichter@systemforum.dk

<<Hi Libby

I find that you have done a great job in setting up his page! Me too, I just love that picture, it is so very, very Benji-like (just a slash of wildness, not too proper, but yet the sweet and self-confidient-attitude).

Latest news are that we moved up a class last weekend (he is now in Jump class 3) and at the same meet he also got his first leg moving towards Agility class 3. This means only two more to go.

In Denmark we have the following classes 1-2-3-Winner-Open in both jump (without any contacts i.d. A-frame etc.) and agility (with contacts). Class 1 is the beginners class and Winner class the highest possible. Open class is for everybody and in difficulty is placed between class 1-2. To advance between the classes you need 3 legs in each class.

This is a so great performance, and better yet just 3 weeks before the Danish Championship.

Anyway, I've decided over the next couple of years to make him the first beardie in Denmark, obtaining the title Champion in jump as well as in Agility (3 legs in the Winner class is needed for that).

Have fun...


Yvonne Richter of Hørsholm, Denmark


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