Julie and Steven Carson, Ulnes Walton, Leyland, Lancashire, North West England
	Lucy-Balidorn Mutual Attraction
	Kizzy-Wymott Kizzy (Border/Beardie cross)


Hi. I'm Julie and from Lancashire NW England.

I have 2 dogs. Kizzy who is a Border Collie x Beardie (although she looks like a long Border Collie). She was born on 2nd January 1999., We got Kizzy on 7th March 1999, at 9 weeks old from a farm. She is now 2. She is registered with the Kennel Club for Working Trials & Obedience under the name 'Wymott Kizzy'.

Her Dam is a Border Collie called Meg, who is a working sheep dog and is similar in colour to Kizzy, but slightly more black, and her Sire is a Bearded Collie called Rocky.

Kizzy enjoys obedience training and agility. She has gained her Kennel Cub Good Citizen Award Scheme Bronze and Silver Awards.

My other dog is Lucy, Balidorn Mutual Attraction. She is a brown Beardie. She was born on 9th December 1996. I got her from Margaret Botham, in Anglesey, North Wales in January last year. Lucy was bred by Margaret and had lived with a lady called Judy Dixon. When Judy died, Lucy went to back to live with Margaret. When we first got Lucy she thought her name was Loopy. She had not had much training, or what she had, she had forgotten. We still call her Loopy Lou, as well as Lucy. She is 4 years old.

Her Sire is Potterdale Professional, Josh.
Her Dam is Balidorn Fatal attraction, Sophie.
Lucy has been to Crufts once and came 4th in a Junior Class.

Lucy enjoys obedience training and agility. She enjoys agility much more, as 2 other Beardies go, Fergus and Bramble.................and when you get 2 or more Beardies together, heaven help you! Lucy has gained her Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme Bronze award.

Both dogs do agility.

Lucy barks all the way around the course. She also barks when she is off the lead in the park. She just barks because she is happy.



Libby, I think this is what I would like to say:

Kizzy and Lucy started agility at Ribble Dog Agility Club, in Leyland, Lancashire UK, in March 2000.

Kizzy has been doing well and had progressed from beginers, through midi's up to Group 3 which has full height jumps. However, because, we practice on a farm, we have recently had a break of about 2 months because of foot & mouth. Over the break Kizzy has put on a few pounds and was struggling to jump 2'6", so I have moved her down into midi's for a while. Kizzy is doing well, she went through a biting ankles and biting hands whilest doing the weave, phase, but she seems to have stopped doing that. She can now weave on her own, but she needs reasurance from me, and I have to tell her the commands. I tried letting her do it on her own, after saying weave at the start, but she doesn't have enough confidence yet. She is good at getting the contacts, and when I say steady, and then down, when she is on the dog walk, you can visiably see her almost skidding into a down on the contacts. Once, she looses a few pounds and gets back into group 3, she should be fine. Although I don't think there are any competitions this year because of foot & mouth.

Lucy enjoys agility, but being a typical Beardie, she has spent a lot of time running about and barking, and not being able to hear commands as she was barking. For the first few weeks, she would run out of the barn doors, accross the car park, and twice round the field before coming and sitting in front of me. People were a bit worried, but they soon got used to her. She started to improve and moved into midi's, and then began being silly again, and running under the jumps, so back down to beginers we went, back on the lead, to gain some kind of control. When we went back after the break, I tried Lucy off the lead, and she is doing as she is told. She's not good at left and right, but at least she normally goes where I want her to. She's not keen on the sea saw, as when she downs at the end, her bum falls off one side if she isn't straight. Lucy is ready to move back into midi's, but we can't until Kizzy moves back up.



Kizzy and Lucy would like to welcome you all to their web site..............finished at long last. We has a few ups and downs with it, but apart from needed a couple more pics of my Mum's dogs, I think we are there.

Julie, Kizzy & Lucy

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