Silene Donegal Blue

Charlie - Bitch - August 1998

Owner/Handler: Jim Webster of Aberdeen, Scotland

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<< Hi

We live in Aberdeen Scotland. We belong to the Granite City Dog Agility Club.
My name is Jim Webster. My dog is called Charlie. She is a girl and will be 4 years old in August.
KC name is Silene Donegal Blue. We have been doing agility for 2/3 years.
In May this year she suffered from Polyathritis and we are now doing agility again but just doing 15 to 20 inch jumps.
We hope to compete at the Bearded Collie Club ( Scottish Branch) agility show on the 21st July.

Jim Webster >>



Photo taken at the Granite City Dog Agility Show in Scotland at the end of July

Back row- Bee (Joan Hart's dog with pointed ears), Bushfen, Blaven (not sure about the spelling), my Charlie , Heather Smith's dog Skye (a litter mate to Joan's dog) , Bonnie
Front Row- June's Mckinnon, Misty, Suzy, Honey, Lucy.

Jim Webster

Handlers and Beardies who took part in the Bearded Collie show at Aberdeen.

Picture taken in July 21st 2003


Hi Libby

We all had a wonderful time at the show brilliant weather in Aberdeen the best summer we have had. There are 3 members of BAD that I know of in the pics except me as I took it.

If you go to then click on pick of the litter you will see me huffing and puffing on the agility circuit, next door Charlie has a pic too and the Beardies with the judge is there as well.

Jim and Charlie

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