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Hi Libby

Hope all is well at your end of the world?

Saturday morning and raining over here, but summer is just around the corner!!
Attached is a photo of Chloe - She just loves having her photo taken - sits like a little model.
Had our first day back at agility on Sunday in her new (Starters) class.
Had a nice time.

Take care - Irma & Chloe

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Hi Libby

You requested info on Chloe

Birth: 19.8.97

Breeder: Ms Barraclough - Winton - New Zealand
(since moved to Invercargill)

Mother: Black Poodle
Father: Beardie (lived next door to mother, but I never got to see him)

Chloe passed her 8 week Beginners Agility Course 4th with a time of 0/47/31

First Agility Ribbon Day - Placed Second with a time of 62.82
Second Agility Ribbon Day - Placed First with a time of 35.92 (five faults)

We have now gone up a class from Beginners to Starters

Chloe is a peoples dog, loves being cuddled and loves to play. She is a happy wee girl and her tail never stops wagging!!! Sleeps on the bed with Lacey (my other little girl - Poodle X Maltese). Loves chasing and playing with the cat.

If you need any other info, please let me know.
Have a nice week

Regards Irma and Chloe

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<< Hi Libby
Been a whole since we last spoke.
Have a lovely update of Chloe
Hope you can add to her file.
We also got a clear round and a 4th but will update you soon on time etc.
Take care - irma

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Chloe placed 4th - Southland Dog Training Club - Triple Championship Agility - Starters - 25.11.01 Time: 57.03
Also received a Clear Round certificate - Championship Agility - Time 57.03 (SCT 58)
Due to unforeseen circumstances - Couldn't complete for some time.
First Club Day back - 29.09.02 - Club Ribbon Day - 3rd in her class (Starters) Time 0/40.96.
I feel Chloe does really well, but we really need to practise more, plus speed up (maybe I just need to speed up!

Take care

Irma and Chloe

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