Whyme's Chasing Moonbeams Again


Photo by Lori Hawrychuk

Maggie -DN29258403-Bitch-Oct 4th 2010

Breeder: Gaye Brockett

Runningmtn Hat Chequer at Whyme x Ch Whyme’s Once and Again

Owners/Handler: Wendy Amos of Victoria BC

AKC DN29258403

Standard Agility

09/21/15  Novice P 16"-Leg 1    100    1/ 4    55.59/67       129

Jumpers with Weaves

09/21/15  Novice P 16"-Leg 1     88    1/ 4    49.35/42       110 


09/21/15  Novice P 16"-Leg 1     62    2/ 2    31.02/35 


09/21/15  T2B    P 16"-Leg 1      6    Q/ 2    54.63/40.48		 

AAC 18677

Agility Dog of Canada (ADC)
Starter’s Game Dog of Canada SGDC
1 Advanced Standard
3 Advanced Gamble Qs
2 Advanced Snooker
1 Advanced Jumpers

CKC 1117485

Intermediate B Standard (AG.I)
Novice B Jumpers with Weaves (AG.N.J.)
1 Intermediate JWW Q

November 26, 2012

Hi Libby, I would very much like to join the agility diehards! I have been enjoying agility for a little over 6 years, initially with my “neardie” Murphy, adopted through BONE and now with my full beardie Maggie. I live in Canada and compete in AAC; before he died Murphy achieved his ATCH and Bronze – for a dog who came with issues, started agility late, and was nicknamed the zoom meister this was an accomplishment! Maggie is just over 2 years old and has been competing for the last few months and so far so good…..

December 17, 2012

Hi Libby - here is my photo of Murphy. At a guess his DOB was some time in 2000 and I set his birthday in October as I adopted him in October 2002; he died in March of this year. He had his ATCH and his Bronze Award of Merit in the AAC.

ATCH Murphy

AAC Bronze Award of Merit

October 2000 - March 2012

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