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Hello Libby,

We are from France and would be very honored to be part of the BAD team.

Name : Nathalie Bonin
e-mail address :
Registered and Call Names of Beardies, as well as all titles : Something Else Rufo (and no titles at the moment)
Birthdays of Beardies : April 10, 2000
Breeders of Beardies : Josiane Jenny (Something Else)
Kennel Name : Association Française du Bearded Collie
Clubs (optional) : Club des Amis du Chien de Saint-Arnoult en Yvelines

Which Beardies are doing Agility and in which organizations :
Rufo and we are part of the Société Canine d'Ile de France (regional committee of the Société Centrale Canine)
Registration Numbers in all Agility organizations in which you are registered : 16999
Sire and Dam of Beardies :
Sire : Only The Best of Debora's Farm (also called as Frankie)
Dam : Something Else Je Reste Ici (also called as Meg)

Beardedly yours

Nathalie Bonin, Rufo Bearded Collie and Voltige Border Collie

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