Anne Stewart of Fife, Scotland

Braid The Changeling Born 11/2/98
Braid went to the Rainbow Bridge 3/5/01

Braid came from a farm as a working Beardie.

Taken too soon and all too suddenly after discs in his spine exploded and severed his spinal cord.

The ugliest pup I ever saw but oh so clever.

My best boy, all he asked was to be with me and to be busy.

Never knew he was being trained, thought everything was a game.

He took to everything: obedience flyball agility.

he gave his all.

He is a 1/2 brother to Heather Smith's Skye and when I watch Skye I feel I still have a bit of him left.

Remember Braid There'll never be another you.

Una, Whinneyhowe Tussie Mussie

Born March 1990

Still going strong at 12.5

Una has no agility wins but lots of places

She and I were not the fastest but we were consistant

Many clear rounds but never fast enough.

Also a win in Beginners in open obedience and many places plus passed the Bearded Collie Club Senior Working Test.

Keeps young Cava in order and does the odd bit of obedience

but tends to take the mickey out of me and gets away with it due to the fact she's been such a good girl for me that now she can do as she likes.

Sallen Cava

Cava- oh my!!

17 months old, my lovely boy

Clever but tends to get just a bit excited

A large lad so haven't done much agility as yet.

Loves the world everybody's friend.

Has all the ability but tends to bounce about a bit like Tigger.

Came along after I lost Braid and was chosen to be as unlike him as possible I didn't want to make comparisons

He has his own personality and I love him just as much in a different way.

How he progresses working wise has still to be seen but I'm in no hurry.

-- Anne Stewart --

Photo taken at the Granite City Dog Agility Show in Scotland at the end of July sent by Jim Webster

Back row- Bee (Joan Hart's dog with pointed ears), Bushfen, Blaven (not sure about the spelling),
Jim Webster's Charlie , Heather Smith's dog Skye (a litter mate to Joan's dog) , Bonnie
Front Row- June's Mckinnon, Misty, Suzy, Honey, Lucy.

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