Pascal Tinelli, Lyon, France
	LULU-Look At Me de Chester


<< my name is pascal tinelli. i live near LYON. i'm french, i practice agility in france , actually i have the first bearded at the top level. are you english or american site. i train my dog with two others bearded (friends ) and they progress also . it's very good to train with many bearded, it's possible to observe the quality or problem of bearded.


<<the name of my dog is LOOK AT ME and "de Chester " is the name of the breeder, it's for that it's LOOK AT ME DE CHESTER. i call him LULU.

<<AT My home i have a way of agility and sheep and practice them both, it's for that i'm in bearded herding. I was many months ago in your list but the questions were few and i think now there is a evolution of the questions. it's very good. thank you for your work


<< do you it will be possible to create a map with all owners in the world to see how is the repartition of the bearded work. And in plus when you want to go in other country or when others want to come in france it's easy to look at this map and call owners for meeting. Me exemple i will be happy to receive people in france.>>


<< i have an idea, if you want i send you few ways of differents meeting and time of my bearded. It will be good to see the difference of way. Later i send you instructions for agility in france.


<< in france we have 4 categories :

A - dogs less than 35cm
B - to 35 at 47cm
C - more than 47cm
D - big feroucious dog often superior at 30 kilos

In each category , the elements are differents :

A - jump is 35cm and table-wheel 45cm
B - jump is 45cm
C - jump is 60cm
D - jump is 45cm

for the A-frame , for A,b,d is 1.70m and for c is 1.90meter

After we have homologate and no homologate way :

non homologate is open at all dogs , pedegree and no pedegree.

homologate only pedegree dogs.

and if you have an pedegree dog you can do 3 competitions :

1- Open de france
2- Grand prix de france
3- Championnat de france

in total it's possible to do 3 finals.

each week end we do competitions, exemple this week, you do a way for 1 , a way for 2, a way for 3, all are agility course, plus a jumping course. To do a final you must totalise points each week end and when you have points necessary you can do the selective way and in this selective you have an agility way and a jumping course or more. After when you finished the selectif way , they take a proportion of dogs for the finals. he exist finally a final for ech categories. For the finals you have always an agility courses or more and a jumping course or more.

If a day , a american or others come in france , near of my country, it's possible for you to do competitions in france if you can prouve that you are submit to an agility club in america. Contact me if you want to do this.


<< recently i did a selectif for world team, i draw the course and i send you with the speed for this course.

The maximum is 4.23 m/s in agility and in jumping is 4.70 m/s

the time is the time maximum that my dog realised in a course. It's not the time of a course.. it's the judge who decide the speed of the course and define the time. after this time you loose points and we have also a limit time when you are over , you are eliminated.for all courses that i did with my dog , the average in agility is 3.59m/s with the table and for jumping is 4m/s

to do the world competition you must have a pedegree dog, so for pedegree dog , the competition is "championnat de france" homologate course. In this part, you have 3 levels :

first degree as novice i think
second degree as intermédiate
third degree as master

exemple i'm in third degree, and to be in the world team , we have a selectif only for the third degree where a trainer choose to do his team. these 3 degree exist only for pedegree dog (championnat de france)


<< Hello

i know that you don't know the french system agility, but this week my bearded "look at me" qualifie for the final of the great prix of france(all dogs, pedegree and no pedegre) ALso he finish second of the selectif of the champion class but only the first this year goes at the final of the championship of france(only pedegree dog)

pascal >>

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<< Hello Andrea

My name is pascal, in france owners of bearded have often problem to keep distance and send their bearded very far. I don't know if it's the owners who use during the education the bad method or it's a specification of the bearded. For my part, to learn at the bearded to send on, i use hurdle, exemple 4 on a line, i run with the dog, at the twice, i stop at the third and i ask at the dog to go on the fourth, when the dog understand , i stop at the second and send dog at the third and the fourth. You can do the same with table, you put away the last hurdle , you put the table and you restart
the same exercice that before. And also, when you run on hurdle,the first time you run near the dog, at the second time you take a distance of 50 centimeters and you restart,if the dog stay in the hurdle it's ok, you take 1 meter of distance and you run, etc...

pascal >>

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<< Hello

Writing to say that Look at me de Chester finished 15th on 173 dogs (all dogs, pedegree and no pedegree dog) at the final of the grand prix de france agility the 12 and 13 august.

And this week the 26 august he won the trophy at the national of the french kennel club of bearded collie in agility. Great day for him.


pascal >>

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