(Photo by Chet Jezierski)

Participants in the Agility Trial at the 1997 Bearded Collie Club of America Nat'l Specialty held at Rohnert Park, California

Back Row: Jane Cooper, Linda Glaman, Mary Lott, Kathy Pavlich, Beth White, Jana Dozet, Pat Palozzola, Eileen Dinneen, Gretchen Blackburn and Daryl Blackburn

Center Row: Bobbie Bokelund, Joanne Williamson, Libby Myers-Buhite, Jack Buhite, Christiana Taylor, Laura Tappero, Cindy Nellipowitz, and Beth Tilson

Front Row: Cindy Alspaugh, Meredith Bar David, Iris Berry, Sharon Prassa, and Pam Harris






BAD stands for Beardie Agility Diehards.

All you need to join us is a Bearded Collie

and a love for agility training (and having a computer helps!).

BAD members (about 100 strong) exchange ideas, advice, congratulations

and condolences on all forms of agility competition.

If yor're interested in joining us, click the Beardie for the instructions on Membership and the BeardieAgility E-mail List.

BAD at the National Specialty
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in Clean Run, January 1998
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