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CHEERS DL71651702 Dog

11/27/97-10/25/09 - Rainbow Bridge

Breeders/Owners: Megg and Edward Hoffman

Ch Ha'Penny Wellfleet Tucker x Ch Raintree Ha'Penny Patches

Handler: Megg Hoffman of Kent CT (Cattail Hollow)

October 8, 2009

It is with a broken heart that I post to ask for some White Light for Cheers---he has been diagnosed with cancer this week. 7CM tumor on his right kidney and three more on his liver. His blood work and urine tests are all normal--he has lost about 8 pounds in the last two weeks--not wanting to eat. I'm still in shock and doing my best to make his last days happy and as normal as possible. He still plays ball and runs with Gylfi. I'm told he isn't in pain and I don't see him being painful. He has been on an anti-nausea medicine and will start an appetite stimulant tomorrow. Not even two weeks ago we went to an agility trial. He had four wonderful runs (he was happy and had a great time). It was our retirement day! He is turning twelve next month and we had decided to retire from trials. I had planned to continue his 'fun days' as he loves agility so much!

Please keep him in your thoughts and WL to give me the courage to know when the time has come to let him go! He will join his Mom, Patches who went to RB just two months ago.


October 25, 2009

Our special blue boy went to RB this morning. He was diagnosed with cancer three weeks ago and things moved very quickly. He had been in pain for the past few days so my vet came here this morning to help him on his way. We are so sad but know that now he is free from pain and joining his mother Patches who went to the Bridge on August 3, 2009!
Cheers was my partner---conformation, obedience and agility. We did our last agility trial only a month ago. He was born in our home and our last Beardie (had beardies since 1981). Cheers was everyone's friend--always a happy boy that had a full mouth smile (yes, uppers and lowers).

Please give your doggies a hug in Cheers' honor.
Megg, Ted and Gylfi


Yesterday, I spread Patches and Cheers' ashes around our property. I had planned to do it on Cheers' Birthday, November 27. It was a rainy and windy day but Sunday was a perfect day! I feel good that mother and son are together again in their favorite places here at Cattail Hollow. It was sad and wonderful at the same time.

Can't tell you how much I miss having a Beardie. At least I still have a Beardie grand-dog! My Gylfi, Icelandic Sheepdog is still
missing his buddies. Having only one dog is so different but not ready to add another dog!

Megg and the Beardies three all at Rainbow Bridge

USDAA U500319

 7/09/05  PI Standard 22"-Leg 1     1st/10    58.40'/61'
 8/28/05  PI Standard 22"-Leg 2               56.13'/60'
 7/08/06  PI Standard 22"-Leg 3     2nd/      58.15'/      PS1
 8/29/04  PI Jumpers 22"-Leg 1                33.39'/39'
10/03/04  PI Jumpers 22"-Leg 2      2nd/11    33.71'/37'
 6/24/05  PI Jumpers 22"-leg 3      2nd/4     29.48'/36'   PJ1
 4/09/06  PI Snooker 22"-Leg 1      4th/8     37 points
 7/08/06  PI Snooker 22'-Leg 2      3rd/      42 points
 9/10/06  PI Snooker 22"-Leg 3      1st/5     42 points    PK1
 9/08/06  PI Gamblers 22"-Leg 1     2nd/7     46 points    PD1
 9/30/06  PI Gamblers 22"-Leg 2     2nd/8     36 points
11/17/07  PI Gamblers 22"-Leg 3                            PG1
 4/14/07  PI Relay 22"-Leg 1        2nd/6     53.45'
 9/07/07  PI Relay 22"-Leg 2        2nd/6     53.81'
11/17/07  PI Relay 22"-Leg 3        2nd/8     49.41'       PR1
 6/01/01  P2 Standard 22"-Leg 1     2nd/4     62.78'
 9/10/06  P2 Jumpers 22"-Leg 1      2nd/6     28.32'/39'
 4/13/08  P2 Jumpers 22"-Leg 2      2nd/3     32.54'
 6/01/08  P2 Jumpers 22"-Leg 3      2nd/5     44.61'       PJ2
 5/31/08  P2 Snooker 22" Leg 1      2nd/3     46 points
 4/12/08  P2 Gamblers 22" Leg 1     2nd/3     46 points
 6/20/08  P2 Gamblers 22" Leg 2     1st/2     43 points
 6/01/08  P2 Relay 22" Leg 1        1st/6     39.99'
 X/XX/08  P2 Relay 22" Leg 2
 9/28/08  P2 Relay 22" Leg 3                               PR2
 6/24/05  3rd PJ1
 7/08/06  6th PS1
 9/08/06  9th PD1
 9/10/06  3rd PK1
11/17/07  7th PG1
11/17/07  2nd PR1
 6/01/08  6th PJ2
 9/28/08  1st PR2

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