Lakewood Sundog CGC TDI


Breeders: Julie Patzium (Lakewood Kennels)

Daybar’s All Schook Up (Fizz) x CH Lakewood Show Me (Ellie)

Owner/Handler: Kathy Kimen of Apollo Beach, FL


     I wanted to let you know we have a new black and white Beardie puppy.  His name is Grover, he is 5 months old and sweet as can be.  Grover’s AKC Registered name is Lakewood Sundog.  We purchased him from Julie Patzius, Lakewood Kennels.  His father is Daybar’s All Schook Up (Fizz) and his mother is Ch. Lakewood Show Me (Ellie).  It will be another year before he can compete in agility but we’ve started training him.  We have him on 6” jumps.  He basically walks over them but that’s okay.  They don’t want him to jump high because he’s still a puppy.  He seems to be taking to it quite well.  We’ve done jumps, tire, weaves and table (which is also about 6 inches high).  It’s great fun to be doing agility again. 

Kathy Kimen

AKC DN21172307

NADAC 10‐12144




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