BAD Beardies of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia

BAILEY (Linda Porter)

 BARKLEY (Andrea Hobe)



 INDY (Terry Johnson)

 JAZZ (Terry Johnson)

LUCY (Liz Cox)

LIZZIE (Rosemary Schroeder)

RAGGMOPP (Jill Scarborough)

BAD-Southeast Beardies
BAD-Southeast Beardies-Florida and South Carolina: Blaze, Mandy, Morgan, Ryan, and Shelly
BAD-Southeast Beardies-Georgia, N Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia: Bailey, Barkley, Indy, Jazz, Lizzie, Lucy and Raggmopp
STATS of Southeast Beardies not belonging to BAD members

BADBEARDs-Bearded Eastern Agile Running Dogs

BADFADs-Finnish Agility Dogs

BAD-Midwest Beardies

BAD-Southwest, Texas, and Mountain Beardies

BADWAGS-Western Agility Gatherings


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