Oakengates Blue By You HT NAP

JAZZ-DL724421/06-Bitch-1/10/98 - Fall 2012 - Rainbow Bridge

Breeder: Mary Jo Steger

HC CH Britannia Chip Thrills UD HX AX AXJ (Chip) x Ch Oakengates Hilary (Hilary)

Owners: Terry Johnson and Mary Jo Steger

Handler: Terry Johnson of Haymarket, VA

AKC DL724421/06

Regular Titling

Standard Titling

 9/13/02  Novice A 20"-Leg 1    94   2nd/9    71.89'/70'

Preferred Titling

Standard Titling

 3/29/03  Novice P 16"-Leg 1   100   3rd/9    63.96'/74'
 5/03/03  Novice P 16"-Leg 2    95   3rd/5    76.74'/80'
10/06/03  Novice P 16"-Leg 2    95   1st/3    80.89'/81'   NAP

Jumpers with Weaves

 5/03/03  Novice P 16"-Leg 1   100   2nd/5    39.77'/39'
11/16/03  Novice P 16"-Leg 2    97   2nd/9    50.43'/47'

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