Bearded Eastern Agile Running Dogs


Maryland and Virginia

Bailie, Celia, Chelsie, Chloe, Gatsby, Heart, Indy, Jazz, Jester, Kip, O-Shea, Rory, and Sprite


Bailey (Linda Porter)

  Chelsie (Eleanor Logue)



Gatsby (Tony Vallone)

Chloe (Jan Vallone)



 Jazz (Terry Johnson)

Indy (Terry Johnson)



 Kip (Sandy McDonald)

 O'Shea (Sandy McDonald)


  Rory (Elaine O'Carroll)



 Heart (Casey Minner)

 Jester (Tim Minner)

Celia (Beth Kortze)

Sprite (Beth Kortze)

BADBEARDs-Bearded Eastern Agile Running Dogs

BADBEARDS-Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island-Brechin, Brylie, Breezy, Cadence, Charlie, Doogie, Farley, Snuffy and Wally

BADBEARDS-New York and New Jersey-Billy, Bruiser, Ivy, Glayva, Jura, Nellie, Patty, and Talisker

BADBEARDS-New Jersey-Beau, Belle, Corey, Flash, Lily, Rob, and Sean

BADBEARDS-Pennsylvania-Biff, Chip, Diva, Grracie, Haley, Sugar, and Zooey

BADBEARDS-Maryland and Virginia-Bailey, Celia, Chelsie, Chloe, Gatsby, Heart, Indy, Jazz, Jester, Kip, O'Shea, Rory, and Sprite

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