Curiosity Catch The Spell

Juha and Onni

ONNI - Curiosity Catch The Spell

Onni is a Finnish word and means lucky in English.

His father is a well known male "Offenbach De Chester"

and his dam is a not so known Finnish bitch "Classical Walking On Sunshine".

Staffordshire Bullterrier "Mikki"


Miniatyre Pinsher "Maxim"

Owner: Juha Hirvonen of Lohja, Finland


12/9/02- Juha Hirvonen of Lohja, Finland writes:

Dear Libby,

My name is Juha Hirvonen and I am a 35 old man. I live in atown called Lohja. That is 50 kilometers away from Helsinki which is the capital of Finland which is in northern Europe.

I am engaged to be married with my fiancee Mari. Together we have three dogs living with us in our house, 8 years old Staffordshirebullterrier, 9 months old Samoyed ja last but not least 8 months old Bearded Collie "Curiosity Catch The Spell". He is called "Onni" what is a finnish word and means lucky in english. His father is quite known male "Offenbach De Chester" and dam not so known finnish bitch "Classical Walking On Sunshine". I also have 4 years old Miniature Pincher that I own but he is living with my parents not a far from us.

I have done agility 7 years now. I started with my Staffordshirebullterrier "Mikki" and I have taken part in as many as almost 300 official agility trials with him. He is now at the highest 3 (midi) class. I still take part in the trials with him and my goal is to take part in the finnish championship trials at August 2003. I also do agility with my Miniature Pinsher "Maxim". He is also at the highest 3 (mini) class and goes to trials now and then but not as actively as Mikki. Maxim has taken part to app. 50 trials.

But now to the main issue, my Beardie Onni :) I took Onni to be of course my friend and loved dog but also to be my next - hopefully succesfull - agility dog. I have always admired the fast and furious way that beardies do agility, their speed and eagerness to do aglity is just what I want from my agility dog. Onni has so far cleared the puppy agility course of our local agility club LAGI in which I act as a deputy chairman. Onni can already do all obstacles separately apart from the weave poles. In spring we will participate to follow-on course that our club arranges.

I also am a new member of BAD-FADs
so I already know some of BAD list members :)

Waiting to join you friends :)

Kind regards,

Onni on the Teeter


Hello Libby !

Thank you very very much for accepting me to member of BAD. I am very proud to be BAD :) This is an great honour for me!

Attached you will find some pictures about me and Onni. You are free to edit and use them in BAD web-site as you see best.

I have pictures about Onni learning agility obstacles in cd-roms that are now at home. I will take them to work with me tomorrow and send you real puppy-agility-action pictures :)

I will also tell you more about how Onni is progressing and also send you more pictures about him in agility action at latest next spring when we really hit the our agility training field.

Kind regards,

Juha >>

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