Wildwood Arcadia Fire Power U-AGI


17 January 1996 - 22 June 2010

Breeders: Terri Stepankow (Wildwood) and Diann Shannon (Arcadia)

Ch Greesh formula Freckle Arlin x Ch Wildwood Arcadia HotByGeorge

Owner/Handler: Kathy Kimen of Apollo Beach, FL

June 24, 2010

Dear Libby,

We lost Jake (Wildwood Arcadia Firepower) on Tuesday. He?d been suffering for some time now with bad hips. He could no longer pull himself up and was in great pain so we let him go. He didn?t have many titles but he was the best dog ever. He was 14 1⁄2. He lived a long and happy life but we miss him terribly.

Kathy Kimen

UKC Statistics

2/23/02 U-AGI 20"  -Leg 1      199            49.76'/65'
2/24/02 U-AGI 20"  -Leg 2      195            44.26'/65'
3/30/02 U-AGI 20"  -Leg 3      200   5th/50   44.79'/65"   U-AGI

3/30/02 U-AGII 20" -Leg 1      189            74.17'/75'
3/31/02 U-AGII 20" -Leg 2      182.52         89.48'/83'



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