Amanda, Kukka and Nuppu

AMANDA-Agility Champion Whisk Tail Black Amanda-Bitch-11.5 years

NUPPU-Agility Champion Dupton Double Trouble-Bitch-10.5 years

KUKKA-Pearl of Brussels-Bitch-4 years

Owner: Mikko Lehtinen of Espoo, Finland


Hi Libby and all you Bad enthusiastics! I just found this your page-s. Super! I myself have three Beardie girls, which are all doing agility. I was one of first in Finland starting agility. My oldest Amanda. Whisk Tail Black Amanda is first Beardie doing agility in Finland. Amanda and Kukka are Finnish agility champions. Nuppu is Finnish Champion 2nd, 1993.

<<How do you train in the cold and rain of Finland?

We have a lot of clubs, which have rented some places to train indoors during winter time, places for horses as well and so on. But it reminds me of those early years, when we were running in snow. There is even video film about me skating on agility training area.

<<What does it take to be an Agility Champion in Finland?

Timelimit: a year and day between first and third winnings, 1st places. Other demands: 3 winnings in competitions in highest class. Result must be clear, 0 faults. At least from two different judges. European style, by FCI rules. Standard dogs: 55-65 cm (22-26 inches).

BADFADs-Finnish Agility Dogs

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