Melita Dusty Miller NAC TN-N

Toni Barnhart's Prudence

Rainbow Bridge

11 May 2000 -25 August 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Prudence is gone from us. We are really grieving here. If this good earth seems a bit quieter tonight, it is because Prudence, our wonderful, outspoken, brown Beardie girl has passed away. She had inoperable tumors, diagnosed years ago. Typical Prudence, she beat the odds, thriving for almost 4 years after a diagnosis which placed her longevity in months. She was 13.

Pru inspired articles detailing her antics for the "Shaggy Rag", the BCCSC (Bearded Collie Club of So. CA.) monthly newsletter for over 3 years. She was a BAD (Beardie Agility Diehards) member in good standing. And we will always be thankful to her breeders, Jean and Irwin Richland for the privilege of brining Prudence into our home & hearts. It is entirely thanks to Pru’s love of (and need for) agility, that we have become friends with some of the best people we have ever known in our lives: here in Hawai’i, in the Pacific Northwest, and in Southern California. We will always be grateful to Prudence for helping us find such wonderful friends. We hope the life she had with us at least partially repays the debt we owe to her, for all she gave to us.

Prudence lived her ENTIRE life going hell bent for leather with her hair on fire! She barked and barked and barked AND BARKED AND BARKED; and played and ran in the yard right up until the last few days of her life. She was a force of nature and had an absolute, unmitigated joy of life! She was our girl, and she took a big piece of both our hearts with her when she left us Friday. Our sorrow at her passing is as overwhelming as Pru’s personality. Oh! How we will miss her!

Our Beardie Spalding passed away in 2011, so now, for the first time in 15 years we are without a Beardie in the house. Our young Bossies Oscar & Oliver are wonderful & amazing, and we love them dearly, yet, to be without a Beardie... And so... godspeed, Prudence! We know without a doubt they can hear you coming!

Thanks for listening. Aloha, Toni & Perry

Breeder: Jean Richland

Sire: Melita Nights of Columbus

Dam: CH Melita Stardust Melody

Owner/Handler: Toni Barnhart of Hilo, HI

NADAC 06-04043

 4/22/06  Novice A Skilled 20"   10
11/04/06  Novice A Skilled 20"   10
11/05/06  Novice A Skilled 20"   10   NAC
11/05/06  Novice A Skilled 20"    5
 5/12/07  Open Skilled 20"        5
11/05/06  Novice Chances-S 20"   10
 2/10/07  Novice Chances-S 20"   10
 2/10/07  Novice Jumpers-S 20"   10
 2/11/07  Novice Tunnelers-S 20" 10
 5/12/07  Novice Tunnelers-S 20" 10
 5/17/08  Novice Tunnelers-S 20" 10   TN-N
 5/18/08  Novice Tunnelers-S 20" 10
11/05/06  NAC
 5/17/08  TN-N


Wildwood Arcadia's Free Rider CL1 CGC

Antonia Barnhart

1998 - 5 January 2011

"Spalding, our wonderful Blue Beardie boy, has passed away. On Wednesday our vet Shannon came to see the animals. We were discussing Spalding and his continued maintenance for his arthritis etc. when he started to have seizures. They went on and on. Liquid valium managed to calm him down a bit and "reboot" his brain somewhat, but he was in bad shape. This was not epilepsy but most likely due to some type of tumor or something disrupting. Until noon on Wednesday Spalding had never been sick a day in his life. He died at home.

And so our dear old soul is gone from us. Spalding got his CGC and then stopped earning things. He got a novice agility title in CPE and then stopped winning things. He retired from agility the afternoon he entered a tunnel at a fun match lay down and took a nap in it. He was no HIT dog, but he was a real crowd pleaser: on the field, at the park, wherever he went he made friends.

This dog, who never really did anything extraordinary, was our one in a million. He was such a gentleman, such a joyful, happy dog." Toni & Perry


Hi there Libby,

I honestly can't remember if we have met, but I know we have spoken via email in the past. I am interested in joining BAD and in being able to bend your ear about some agility things that I will get into in a minute.

First, the particulars you need about me and my doggies:

Beardie #1 is Wildwood Arcadia's Free Rider, CGC, call name "Spalding". He is eight years old, born 8/11/98 . He was bred by Terri Stepankow and Diann Shannon Sire CH Wildwood Arcadia All Fired
Up; Dam: CH Wildwood Arcadia Spun Sugar.

Beardie #2 is Melita Dusty Miller, call name "Prudence". She is six, born 5/11/2000 . Jean Richland is her breeder. Sire: Melita Nights of Columbus; Dam: CH Melita Stardust Melody.

Prudence is the one active in agility at the moment. She is hot for it and we are scheduled for our second trial next weekend. We have participated in one NADAC trial last year and had one Q run. Since then we have both been working hard, and I am getting to be a better handler, anyway, that is where we are at the moment.

Here is our story:

We are living on the Big Island of Hawaii and Agility just came to the Island last year. Prudence and Spalding and I were in training with a person named Anne Platt in Escondido before we moved over here two years ago. We never got to the point of competing in CA. When we moved over here, they were doing a few AKC trials in Honolulu, but nothing else. A Beardie Breeder in Honolulu, Chritsi Tadaki, put me in touch with a person here on Hawaii who was an agility trainer, judge, etc. in British Columbia before she moved over here. Her name is Angelic Ebbers, and she works for the Gemini Telescope. She has been a great teacher for us. Anyway, she and I here on the Hilo side of the island have managed to get some interest in agility started and have organized a club, Orchid Isle Dog Agility. We are currently 20 members with dogs of all breeds and several mixed breeds.

About the same time we were trying to start things here in Hilo, a couple named Jim and Jean Collins have been working on the Kona side to get agility started over there. They live six months here and six
in California, I believe, and they have managed to get two trials organized in Kona. The second is the one coming up this weekend. Jim apparently does agility most weekends while they are on the mainland
and he had connections with NADAC judges, so these are NADAC trials.

Anyway, we are going to be hosting trials here in Hilo starting in the spring next year, as we have managed to get everything organized, and we now have enough people and dogs, between both clubs, (who are
at least at novice level), to make trials worthwhile. This trial next weekend we expect to have about 30 dogs. So I was wondering if I could join BAD and if occasionally I could ask you, or someone you recommend I speak with, about judges and things like that. We would like to have judges from organizations which allow mixed breeds to participate as we are trying to get as much interest as possible in agility and we are a small community. We don't want to leave anyone out who wants to participate.

Angelic has connections with AAC and we were all joking last night that we are probably going to end up with Canadian Agility Champions here in Hawaii before anything else! :-) That is OK with us as long
as we get to do agility with our dogs, but it seems that you all in BAD could steer me in the right direction to ask judges from NADAC, USDAA or CPE to come over for trials. We are definitely on the cutting edge here. There is very little here in the way of dog friendly activities, and I think we will be able to make a big difference over time with the way people view and work with their dogs here if we do it right. Part of our club mission is to promote, through agility, fun and healthy recreational activity for dogs and their owners, and to promote responsible dog ownership and the development of working partnerships between dogs and their owners.
There are too many dogs here tied up the the back yards of people who just do not know what to do. We hope to be able to help in a small way with that situation, and of course, have fun doing agility with our dogs.

I have rattled on, haven't I. Anyway, may I join up with you BAD Beardies?

All the best,
Toni Barnhart, and Spalding and Prudence, Her Royal Highness of Hilo (Formerly Princess of Poway)




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