Mistress Megan of Cathra


Lynda Taylor of the UK

MEGAN-Mistress Megan of Cathra

DAISY-Whoopsa Daisy

BOB-Barkly Extraordinair

29 April 2003

The UK Agility Club run a Starter Of the Year points competition with you gaining points for places achieved throughout the year and Daisy and I are currently at the top of the table !!

The link, as I'm still pinching myself to make sure I've read it correctly is http://www.agilityclub.co.uk then select Current Leaders under the Annual awards section and then Starter of the Year and there we are!

I think she deserves her all time favourite treat this weekend which is the one food she doesn't pick over or turn her nose up at - a McDonalds cheeseburger, pickle and all :)

Not to miss Megan out she currently has 28th place, Megan is my clear round, but in her own time dog :)


11 Jun 2003

Fame at last!

Hi Libby,

Many thanks for the offer of including photos of Daisy and Megan on the BAD website.

I've attached a couple of photo's each of Daisy and one of Megan, and here's a little bit about each -


Daisy came from a farm in Derbyshire where both the sire and dam worked the livestock. Daisy is a sensitive soul, highly superstitious and the funniest girl. She's high energy, always ready for more training and is having a great year in 2003, having won 3 starters classes before having to move up to Novice and Intermediate.


Megan is registered with the Working Bearded Collie Society and her ancestry goes back to the one and only Beardie to be recognised by the ISDS, having achieved the status on merit. Megan humours me in the agility ring, its not her thing, sheep herding is, but she goes round at a steady rate and is almost always clear though not fast enough to get the crucial 1st places needed in the UK system. She's my constant companion, always ready for a cuddle and keeps the other 2 beardies in order, telling them off if they make too much noise or play too roughly.

Lynda Taylor


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