Jubo-Lee's Man In Black NAJ


10 June 2001 - 31 August 2013

Bailey left for Rainbow Bridge June 18, 2010. Digger joined her on August 31, 2013


Breeders: June and Bob Hartzog (Jubo-Lee) of Amhurst, New Hampshire

Jubo-Lee's Troubls Backn Towne x Jubo-Lee's Talk O' the Towne

Owner/Handler: Marilou Watson of Grand Isle, VT

AKC DL881783/03

Jumpers with Weaves

4/23/05   Novice A 20"-Leg 1      89     2nd/3    39.57'/33'
8/06/05   Novice A 20" Leg 2      95     2nd/5    44.85'/39'
4/16/06   Novice A 20"-leg 3      86     3rd/3    36.57'/32'  NAJ

Preferred Jumpers with Weaves

7/29/07   Novice P 20"-Leg 1     100     1st/1    35.80'/40'  2.91


HI libby, some months ago I changed email addresses and lost the email group. I am sure my membership is still good, and I would like to hear from other members. I have retired Bailey as she has arthritis in her left front elbow. Her younger brother Digger (Jubo-Lees Man In 'black ) and I have our first agility trial in Stowe Vermont in 2 weeks. He is really fast, but is a real clown and can lose focus fast. He is 2 years old now , and is a really super, if kookie boy. Please let me know what I need to do to get on the email list again. thanks. Mary Watson


What a weekend. I just coan't tell you all how much we learned (I learned) It was a FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Digger and I arrived at Stowe at 8 am Saturday morning, and we were on deck for Jumpers before 8:30. I led Digger over the first jump, and he, naturally, ran off and around the course and into the tunnel trap - there he refused to come out. I finally had to have help to close up the tunnel, reach in and pull him out. An unforgetable first run, and I believe one for the record books. Our second run for nove A Noviceregular wasn't much better. Sunday, we signed in for Novice A regular again, and I had him do two obstacles and pulled him out for treats and love. It was however and very worthwhile experience. We met several other Beardies and their owners, who where so terrific in their encouragement and advice. And what wonderful roll models. Breezy, Snuffy, Wally, Beau, Rob were just wonderful to watch. It was a real treat to sign Breezy's pole. I can't thank all the Beardie people enough for the insite and encouragment and most of all their friendlyness.

Today Digger and I started a new class session, and I plan on doing a lot of show and goes this winter to train my boy that agility shows
are just as much fun as classes and pracitices. Thanks again to all the BAD members we met and we look forward to seeing you all next year with a lot more practice behind us. I am forwarding a picture to Libby that was taken by the photographer and it looks like we know what we are doing. DIGGER AND I ARE VERY PROUD TO BE BAD!!!! Mary


To all you wonderful people on the Beardie Agility list. Now I know what makes you tick. For the first time ever for me and for my wonderful Beardie Boy - Digger (Jubo-lee"s Man In Black) actually made our first qualifiying run in AKC sponsored trial (Burlington Obedience & Training Club in Burlington, VT

Now we really are hooked - We did the standard run both Saturday and Sunday, for some unknown Beardie reason, Digger refused to get on the table at all - he also refused to get on the measuring table. He has
never had a problem with the table at all - usually we have problems of jumping over the contacts. Sunday JWW Digger did not like the route I was taking - yelling at me all the way through and doing spins which the judge seemed to think were refusals. More practice and there is another trial being held in Burlington in August, and if things go well, we just might start traveling. I have to say I am still flying and my almost 4 yr old diggereedo is being treated grandly as is is much older sister, they have discovered meatballs falling out of my pocket. Thanks to all of you who have given me insite and information on Beardies doing agility.

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