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We lost Keira just 1 year and 1 day after losing Maggie. After we lost Maggie, Keira seemed so depressed. She did for several months, then it was like she just gave up, slept more and more and became increasingly fussed about eating. Eating less and less, until she stopped. She went to the Bridge peacefully. I still get very tearful when thinking about my girls.

Keira - Bitch - DL877289/02 - 3/16/01 - 8/04/14 - Bridge

Breeders: Barbara Voss & Lynn A Zagarella

Ch Arlin Ragtyme Crusin' Along (Kraemer) x Ch Ragtyme Absolutely Smashing (Kassidy)

Owners: Robert S Stokoe & Pearl M Stokoe & Barbara Voss

Handler: Pearl Stokoe of Willard, MO

Keira and Maggie

AKC DL877289/02

Standard Agility

 9/28/05  Novice B 20" Leg 1      94    2nd/7    82.33'/76'
 4/29/06  Novice B 20" Leg 2     100    1st/5    67.65'/78'
 4/30/06  Novice B 20" Leg 3      91    2nd/5    76.05'/72'  NA

Jumpers with Weaves

 9/28/05  Novice B 20" Leg 1     100    2nd/7    37.69'/39' 
 4/29/06  Novice B 20" Leg 2      99    1st/6    35.16'/34'
 4/30/06  Novice B 20" Leg 3     100    2nd/5    40.00'/40'  NAJ

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