Scotdale's Cortland



First Open Agility Beardie

MAX - DL34224602 - Dog - 8/18/90 - 4/9/02 (Rainbow Bridge)

Breeder: Karen Shaw of Lodi Wisconsin (Scotdale's Beardies)

Ch. Scotdale's Teak O'Walkoway, HC x Ch. Arcadia's Yahtzee O'Walkoway

Owner/ Handler: Frank L. Konopasek of Darien IL

AKC DL34224602

Standard Titling

11/26/94  Open Leg 1		 86
4/01/95   Open Leg 2		100
4/02/95   Open Leg 3		 96	OA
9/03/95   Excellent Leg 1	 94
x/xx/xx   Excellent Leg 2

Jumps with Weaves

9/19/98   Novice B Leg 1	 95	4th/8
9/20/98   Novice B Leg 2	100	3rd/8

4/02/95   First Beardie OA - Open Agility Title


5/08/94   U-AGI
5/08/94   U-AGII

Titles earned under NCDA.  
Became UKC titles when Max was registered on 5/24/95

Max Tribute:

Unfortunately Max is no longer with us. He was full of fun and a joyfull dog to the end. He collapsed on our deck on April 9, 2002. After the trip to the vet, xrays and IV's, and then immediately to the animal hospital, we learned that he had a large tumor in his abdomen that was displacing most of his organs, he was extremely dehydrated, probably bleeding internally and his heart was one third normal size. Our vet and then the vet at the animal hospital indicated that his prognosis was not good and that after any heroic effort to help him he probably would not live more than three to six months. We then made the decision to put him down. He died in my arms. It was a difficult day ----- a seemingly healthy Max in the morning ---- and eight hours later he was gone. In retrospect I am happy that the Lord blessed me and my family with a wonderful companion for almost twelve years ---- I am getting tears in my eyes as I am writing this even though Max has been gone over a year.

Nonesuch Alexander the Great


But we have moved on. Our new Beardie Boy was born on July 16, 2002 and we brought him home seven and one half weeks later. He has been a joy for us. He just turned ten months last week. His call name is Lex. His full name is Nonesuch Alexander the Great. His breeder is Cheryl Poliak of Pickett, Wisconsin 54964. It doesn't seem possible that I could love another dog as much as Max, but I certainly do. I miss Max, but can't imagine being without Lex. His breeder after looking at pictures of Lex said he looked like an angel. He is an angel at times but rambunctious rascal would be a more appropriate description. We are in the middle of our second level of obedience classes and have just started beginning agility. We are having a great time.


Jump For Joy

<<We were trying to have a family picture taken this afternoon in our yard after church.

Guess who was having TOO MUCH fun? He was caught in the act ----

I guess they aren't called Bouncing Beardies for no reason.>>


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