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Rainbow Bridge


Breeder/Co-Owner: Claudia McNulty

Owner/Handler: Antoinette Krafcheck of Mishawaka IN


Some very sad news. On April 20, my Drake passed away a week after his 11th birthday, of heart disease/congestive heart failure. He had collapsed in mid December and I rushed him to the critical care unit at Purdue Vet Teaching Hospital (2-1/2 hours from my home) for about 2 days. Then I brought him home and started on meds for a leaky valve the precursor of which was a "minor" murmur that had gotten worse. He had remained extremely fit for nearly all of his 11 years--and perhaps it was his extreme athleticism that led to the heart problems. He was fairly stable on the meds for a time, but then his condition worsened to the point where we couldn't do any more for him. I didn't feel like announcing his death when it happened. It was a tremendous loss, especially just 11 months after losing Tasha. Drake was so very important to me and such a great friend and helper. I continue to have a bad back (had back surgery about 11 years ago), and trained Drake when he was very young to help me out of bed. So every morning, whether I needed it or not (generally didn't, but pretended to) Drake would hop up into bed, prop up my head with his nose and let me grab him by the collar, then proceeding to pull me up. That was his job and he took it very seriously. What a tremendous dog. Everyone misses him and the pack is not the same as they are still scrambling to determine order. Especially the middle ones.

AKC DL636950/01

Jumps with Weaves

5/3/98	Novice B Leg 1	99		37.00'/36.00'
8/22/98	Novice B Leg 2	90		37.00'/40.00'
8/23/98	Novice B Leg 3	88		42.00'/40.00'	NAJ


6/6/98	 Novice Jumpers- Leg 1	1st/	22.00'/35.00'
6/20/98	 Novice Jumpers- Leg 2	1st/27	26.34'/38.18'	NJC

8/8/98	 Open Jumpers- Leg 1	1st/8	28.00'/38.00'
10/17/99 Open Jumpers- Leg 2	5th/	30.70'/31.32'	OJC

21st     NJC  6/20/98
13th     OJC  10/17/99*

UKC P252-369

9/12/98	AGI Leg 1	195		66.00'/70'
6/5/99	AGI Leg 2	185
6/5/99	AGI Leg 3	186				U-AGI

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