Britannia Simon Says U-AGI HIC TDI


11 February 1999 - 12 June 2009

Rainbow Bridge


Breeder: Michele Ritter

Ch/HC Britannia Chip Thrills (Chip) x BIS/BISS Am/Can Ch Britannia How Sweet It Is (Zooey)

Owners: Antoinette Krafcheck and Michele Ritter

Handler: Antoinette Krafcheck of Mishawaka IN

Simon's death was during a very sad and chaotic time in our household, as my mother who had been very ill for 2-1/2 years, died Sept. 21, 2009. Simon's illness during all of this came as a very big shock. He was a very stoic dog. Started coughing one day and died a week later. Stopped eating like a day before he died. Even upon arrival to the emergency hospital he was a good boy and went out to where he was supposed to and did his business. I never dreamed he would die that same day. So, with caring for my mother 24/7 and the house like a hospital ward with healthcare personnel in and out all day and night, life was stressful and none of us were doing very well with it all. Turns out Simon had lung cancer that had spread rapidly. My mom died of heart disease.

AKC DL777025/01

Standard Agility

 9/15/01   Novice B Leg 1    95     3rd/9     63.59'/68'
 9/16/01   Novice B Leg 2    85     3rd/9     60.17'/66'

UKC P321-921

10/13/01  AGI 24"-Leg 1     177.43           77.57'/xx 
10/14/01  AGI 24"-Leg 2     188              63.39'/xx
11/17/01  AGI 24"-Leg 3     199              41.90'/65'  U-AGI

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