Bronze GCH Bramley's Green Mountain Boy CGC

Brae - DN27407101 - Dog - 5/22/09

Breeder: Ann Lord of New Brunswick, Canada

CH Tolkien Haven of Eldar HIC CGC (Traveler) x Bramley's Hidden Applause (Sadie)

Owners: Lu and Jerry Bergen of White River Junction VT

AKC DN27407101

Standard Titling

10/03/11  Novice B 20"-Leg 1        95    3rd/8     61.28'/70'  147

Jumpers With Weaves

10/03/11  Novice B 20"-Leg 1        95    2nd/7     33.99'/36'  108




It's been a year since Breezy left us, and it's been over 18 years since Lu and I had a puppy in our home. We felt that we were ready to fill that year-long void in our lives and to confront the challenges that a puppy would bring to our lives.

Introducing the new member of our family - "Brae". Brae is a black male beardie born May 22nd along with 6 siblings. He was bred by Ann Lord in New Brunswick, Canada. Brae's sire is Val Maloney's Ch Tolkien Haven of Eldar HIC, CGC ("Traveler") and his dam is Ann Lord's Bramley's Hidden Applause (Sadie). Brae's registered name will be "Bramley's Green Mountain Boy" if it's accepted by the Canadian Kennel Club. We chose the call name "Brae" because it's Scottish for hillside which describes his new home. Brae is now in his new home in Vermont after an uneventful 8 hour drive from Canada. As soon as the car started to move, he laid down in his crate and went to sleep. When Brae arrived at his new home, we placed him in his new yard where he quickly took ownership of Breezy's old hole and dog house (see pics on site listed below).

Pictures of Brae in his new home can be viewed on Val Maloney's web site: www.avalonbeardies. Pictures Pic

Jerry (Lu and Brae, too) White River Junction, Vermont, USA


Brae, Bramley's Green Mountain Boy, now has his own web page.

It can be viewed at:

Brae's page is accessed by a link on our new home page which contains links to pages on the other dogs that have graced our life together.

Lu and Jerry Bergen


Brae, Bramley's Green Mountain Boy, now has CGC after his name. Earning the Canine Good Citizen was a close call for our 7 1/2 month old boy who thinks the world revolves around him and that everyone he meets wants a big wet sloppy kiss delivered with a beardie bounce. Luckily, the tester appreciated Brae's friendly outgoing nature. Also, the Beardie cuteness factor worked its wonders. The tester who is also a Therapy Dog International instructor/tester was so taken by Brae's personality that she stated Brae would make a wonderful therapy dog when he reached the minimum age of 1 year for TDI certification.


Brae earned his championhip on October 30. He is only 17 months old so it was very exciting.


Brae earned his Grand Championship on June 2, 2012, at 3 years of age.


Brae earned his Bronze Grand Champion on July 4, 2013 at 4 years of age.





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