BCCA Versatility Awards

Michele Ritter, Versatility Chair

Eighteen Master Versatility Beardies


 Awarded in 2000

Sandy Weiss and Chip

31 March 2000

DC WTCH Britannia Chip Thrills


 Awarded in 2001

Christiana Taylor and Jake

2 July 2000

 BIS CH Britannia Good Day Sonshine



Awarded in 2002

Michele Ritter and Zooey

2 June 2001

 BIS/BISS Am/Can CH Britannia How Sweet It Is


Awarded in 2006

 Michele Ritter and Biff

September 2005

 BIS/MBISS CH Britannia Back to the Future

Awarded in 2008

Sandy Weiss and Bond

DC Britannia License To Thrill

Awarded in 2010

Joanne Williamson and Flash

23 April 2010

CH MACH PACH2 Britannia Flashback

Awarded in 2011

Sharon Prassa and Zoot

28 August 2010

Awarded in 2011

Elaine O' Carroll and Conor

7 November 2010

AM/CAN CH MACH Sheiling Awesome Angel

Awarded in 2011

Beth Scorzelli and Brew

20 March 2011

Awarded in 2014

Joanne Willliamson and Jack

November 2013

Awarded in 2016

Trudy Wisner's Poppet

Awarded in 2016

Trudy Wisner's Billy

Awarded in 2017

Sonja Blanchard's Quincy


Awarded in 2017

Casey Minner's Scarlett

NSBIS GCHB CH Potterdale Jubilee Diamond

To be Awarded in 2017

Andrea Hobe's Colby

MACH4 O'Duinnin Blacker N Coal

217 Versatility Excellent Beardies

Ch Kiku Coffee and Cream


First Versatility Excellent Beardie

7 Awarded in 1998

*Rascal (CH Kiku Coffee and Cream UD HS NA - 10/10/86-4/18/96) -- Ann Rambaud -- 3 December 1995

*Tribbles (CH Arcadia-Caliburn Smoky Topaz UD MX - 1/9/88) -- Penny Leigh -- 1 June 1996

*Frosty (CH OTCH Walkoway's Frosted Flakes UDX HS OA - 2/07/88-3/11/02) -- Linda Leek -- 2 February 1997

*Annie (Moonsong Klassical Legacy CDX HS MX MXJ - 2/28/91-9/25/01) -- Sharon Prassa -- 7 September 199

*Patty (CH Britannia Peppermint Patty UDT HT MX AXJ - 10/02/91-11/20/07) -- Toni Tuck -- 21 February 1998

*Chip (DC WTCH Britannia Chip Thrills UDX HC MX MXJ - 6/22/94-3/10/03) -- Sandy Weiss -- 22 March 1998

*Sean (CH MACH Balgrae's Sean Mackay CD HS MXG MJG - 12/24/89-3/15/04) -- Joanne Williamson --18 April 1998

7 Awarded in 1999

*Corey (BIS CH Parcana Lord Corwin CDX OA NAJ - 11/4/85-1/31/02) -- Joanne Williamson -- 26 July 1998

*Breezy (CH Baliwyn's Precious Friend CDX TD MX MXB MXJ - 1/27/91-6/01/08) -- Jerry Bergen -- 22 August 1998

*Amber (CH Spindrift Pride of Glengarry CD PT OA OAJ - 8/02/90 - 2/07/07) -- Pam Harris -- 12 September 1998

*Tasha (CH Meadow's Fantasia CDX HT MX AXJ - 1/20/93-5/10/06) -- Ann Krafcheck -- 26 September 1998

*Mirage (CH Firstprizebears Las Vegas PT AX AXJ NAP NJP - 2/28/95) -- Beth White -- 3 October 1998

*Billy (CH Bardmoor Billy the Kid HS OA OAJ - 7/13/92) -- Jim Romine -- 17 January 1999

*Lucy (CH Oakengates Havin' a Ball TDX MX MXJ - 4/21/94) -- Liz Cox -- 17 April 1999

9 Awarded in 2000

*Mikie (CH Holm Mike L. Doglas PT MX MXB MXJ - 5/15/93-8/23/02) -- Charles Gibson -- 2 October 1998

*Jake (BIS CH Britannia Good Day Sonshine CD PT AX MXJ OAP AJP - 6/22/93-7/-/06) -- Christiana Taylor -- 16 May 1999

*Patsch (Edmar My Own Sweet Patsch CDX RN HXA-s AX AXJ - 11/24/94-4/25/08) -- Mary Lott -- 30 May 1999

*Chester (CH Stonehaven's Skye-Walker CDX HT OA NAJ) -- Mary Lou Lang -- 6 June 1999

*Tugger (Walkoway's Rum Tum Tugger CD HS AX AXJ - 7/19/92-4/09/05) -- Jim Leek -- 19 June 1999

*Skyedance (CH Melita Skyedance PT MX MXJ MJB NJP - 4/19/91-11/23/03) -- Libby and Jack Buhite --25 July 1999

*Charlie (CH Baliwyn Downtown Charlie Brown CDX AX AXJ - 1/27/91) -- Alice Buschman -- 3 October 1999

*Zooey (BIS BISS CH Britannia How Sweet It Is CD PT AX AXJ - 2/02/92-7/01/02) -- Michele Ritter -- 31 October 1999

*De Lorean (CH O'Duinnin Oh DeLorean CD AX AXJ - 4/17/91-1/17/05) -- Eileen Dinneen -- 11 December 1999

6 Awarded in 2001

*Fallon (CH Firstprizebears Hellowell HT AX AXJ - 11/23/93) -- Kathy Pavlich -- 27 May 2000

*Caper (CH Skyedance Lord A-Leaping RAE PT AX MXJ AXP MJP2 OFP - 12/24/94) -- Jack and Libby Buhite -- 17 June 2000

*Picard (CH Spindrift Jean-Luc Picard PT AX AXJ NAP - 11/09/94) -- Pam Harris -- 8 October 2000

*Chipper (CH MACH Spindrift William Rikker CDX RE PT MXG MJC MXP MJP2 NFP - 11/09/94-3/07/08) -- Patricia Coreris -- 16 October 2000

*Colton (CH Ragtyme Doubly Smashing CD RE HSAs MX MXJ NAP NJP - 3/04/94) -- Barbara Stone -- 22 October 2000

*Becket (Ragtyme Talkin' Up a Storm CD HS MX AXJ - 10/7/95-6/17/04) -- Kim Horsley -- 19 November 2000

4 Awarded in 2002

*Diva (CH Ashberry Portrait of a Lady CDX HSAs AX OAJ OAP OJP - 11/4/96) -- Sandy Weiss

*Brechin (CH Jubo-Lees Once Ina Lyfethyme RN TD PT OA AXJ - 4/10/95) -- Maryann Groves -- 3 October 2001

*Chloe (CH Blackfriar A Scot On The Rocks CD RAE2 MX MXJ MXP2 MJP3 PAX - 6/19/97) -- Jan and Tony Vallone -- 21 October 2001

*Bingo (Esprit's Summer Sunset CDX PT OA AXJ NAP OJP - 7/08/91-7/28/05) -- Patricia Coreris -- 3 December 2001

7 Awarded in 2003

*Rory (CH Colledge Spirit of Sheiling UD RE PT MX MXB MXJ MJB NAP OJP- 4/6/98) -- Elaine O'Carroll -- 14 April 2002

*Truman (CH Aellen Tried and True PT AX AXJ - 1/27/95-9/25/07) -- Carol Colavecchio -- 7 July 2002

*Rosie (CH Delgatie's Dreams Come True CD RN PT AX AXJ AXP AJP - 7/13/96) -- Wanda Packard -- 10 August 2002

*Harper (Pentangle's Crystal Harper CDX RA HSAd HXA-s AX AXJ - 11/1/97) -- Mary Lott -- 2 October 2002

*Brylie (Barnhollow Brylie TD PT OA AXJ NJP - 10/25/97) -- Maryann Groves -- 19 October 2002

*Trouble (CH Sweet Romance Of Lonetree PT AX OAJ OAP NJP - 11/26/93) -- Mary Edner -- 6 April 2003

*Rob (CH Balgrae's Rob Ruadh CD RAE HT MX MXJ - 5/10/94-2/09/09) -- Joanne Williamson -- 18 April 2003

6 Awarded in 2004

*Zoot (DC Britannia Zoots Me Fine RE HSAds HIAs HXAs OA AXJ OF - 5/15/99) -- Sharon Prassa and Michele Ritter -- 15 June 2003

*Lizzee (CH Wigglesworth Oh Look At That RN PT MX AXJ AXP AJP - 5/29/99) -- Sharon and Jeff Ipser -- 13 July 2003

*Cagney (CH Caledonia's Cagney Maccalico PT NA AXP NAJ AJP - 9/17/92-11/01/07) -- Kathrine and Carl Widell -- 30 August 2003

*Daisy (CH Brigadoon's Night And Day CDX OA AXJ - 7/28/97) -- Terry and Debbie Barner -- 13 November 2003

*Lakotah! (Walkoway's Vixen CD RN HSAs OA OAJ OAP OJP - 12/24/97) -- Marilynn Snook and Chris Walkowicz -- 28 March 2004

*Molly (CH Nonesuch Molly Lombardy CD RA AX MXJ MJB NJP - 12/17/94) -- Gordon Eisendrath and Cheryl Poliak

6 Awarded in 2005

*Bond (DC Britannia License To Thrill CDX RE HIAd HXAs OA OAJ AXP AJP - 2/11/99) -- Sandy Weiss and Michele Ritter -- 10 July 2004

*Abby (Wigglesworth Kosmic Leap CDX RN HT AX AXJ - 9/04/00) -- Diane Lipman -- 17 April 2005

*Kip (CH MACH Moonstone Totally Unexpected RE PT AXP AJP OF - 7/23/99) -- Sandy McDonald -- 22 April 2005

*Biff (BIS MBISS CH Britannia Back To The Future VCD1 RE PT AX MXJ - 2/11/99) -- Michele Ritter and Chet Jezierski -- 23 April 2005

*Bronte (Levontz's Highland Bronte UD HSAs NA OAJ - 11/20/93-12/29/07) -- Kim Horsley -- May 2005

*Tommy (MGrpI MBISS CH Briarpatch Who Was That CD RA OA AXJ OAP OJP - 7/31/95) -- Lucy Campbell Gracie

24 Awarded in 2006

*Marty (CH Bendale Singing The Blues UD GO RE HSAdsc HIAs HXAs STDs AX AXJ NF - 1/11/01) -- Sandy Weiss - 4 March 2006

*Beau (Britannia Beau Brummel RE PT MX MXB MXJ MJS OAP AJP XF - 6/10/98) -- Joanne Williamson

*Flash (CH MACH PACH2 Britannia Flashback CD RAE HSAds HSBd HIAds HXAs HXAdM MXS MJG MXP6 MXPS MJP8 MJPG PAX2 MXF MFP5 MFPS TQXP T2BP - 10/26/02) -- Joanne Williamson

*Wally (Britannia William Wallace RN HT AX AXJ - 6/16/00) -- Sonja and Timothy Moore and Michele Ritter -- 16 April 2006

Brew (CH MACH Colquhoun's Hurricane Brewin' CDX RAE3 HSAs HSBs HIAs MXB MJC MJP MXF T2B - 4/23/04) -- Beth Scorzelli -- 26 March 2006

*Carson (CH Dunnottar Stonehaven's Silver RN AX AXJ AXP AJP - 5/16/95) -- Patsy Sullivan

*Brinian (BISS CH Fivefields Reckless Abandon RA PT AX AXJ NF NAP NJP NFP - 7/28/01) -- Barbara Stone - 28 May 2006

*Checkers (CH Fox Lane's Wynsum Checkmate RN AX MXJ NAP OJP NFP - 10/21/97) -- Maryann Szalka -- 25 February 2006

Max (CH MACH Highlander Orion From Alamos RA MXB MJC NJP OF - 3/08/02) -- Molly McNamara -- 5 March 2006

Echo (CH Isles Name Of The Game CD RE MX MXB MXJ NF - 3/29/02) -- Judy Morris -- 4 December 2005

*Indy (CH Nonesuch New Sensation RE OA OAJ NAP OJP - 10/8/93) -- Cheryl Poliak -- 26 February 2006

*Carbon (CH O'Duinnin Carbon Copy CD RN OA AXJ - 4/11/02) -- Eileen Dinneen -- 19 March 2006

*Joli (O'Duinnin Joli Goes Platinum CD RE PT MX MXS MXJ MJS OF OAP NJP - 4/11/02) -- Carol Hegg -- 30 April 2006

*Jack (OTCH MACH O'Duinnin Oh Dat Jack B Nimble UDX4 OM1 RE MXS MJC MJP3 - 6/22/99) -- Jill Scarborough

*Rachel (DC Pentangle's Celtic Flight RN HSAds HSBs HIAds HXAds AX AXJ OAP OJP -- 7/09/01) -- Elaine Robinson -- 10 June 2005

*Claire (BISS CH HC Pentangle's Forever Young RN HIAd HXAs NA NAJ - 7/09/01) -- Deb Thomas -- 25 November 2005

Emma (CH Pentangle's Kiss Me Now RN HXAds HIBd HXAds - 1/03/96) -- Deb Thomas

*Kira (MACH2 Shanaspree Rose Of Kilravock RN PT MXG MJB2 MXF - 11/15/00) -- Bobbie Raguse -- 17 September 2005

Conor (CH MACH Sheiling Awesome Angel UDX5 OM6 RE PT MXS MJG AXP AJP - 11/02/02) -- Elaine O'Carroll -- 16 October 2005

*Star (CH Spindrift Catch A Risa Star RN PT AX MXJ NAP NJP - 2/17/99) -- Jana Dozet and Pam Harris -- 12 March 2005

*Jodie (CH Spindrift Charmed I'm Sure CD RE PT AX AXJ OF OAP AJP NFP - 9/03/99) -- Pam and Mark Harris -- 1 May 2005

*Grendel (Spindrift Cookie Monster Risa CD RN PT AX MXJ OAP AJP NF TDI CGC - 11/25/00) -- Kim Horsley -- 20 February 2006

*Jax (CH MACH3 Wigglesworth Out On A Limb RN MXC MJB2 MXP MJP - 5/12/98) -- Sharon and Jeff Ipser -- 7 May 2006

*Hops (CH MACH3 Wynsum Captivating Rhythm CDX RAE MXC MJS2 MXP MJP MXF THD - 4/03/01) -- Jan Leverenz --11 June 2005

14 Awarded in 2007

Bobby (BISS CH Britannia Bobby Dazzler PT AX AXJ NF - 11/1/97) -- Amy Steltz, Billy Carter & Michele Ritter -- 11 September 2006

Polo (CH MACH Caledonia's O Polo Mio RN PT MXS MJS MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX MXF MFS TQX MFP MFPB T2BP - 3/23/03) -- Kay and Carl Widell, OR -- 12 September 2006

Gatsby (Calleigh's First Edition CD RE OA OAJ NJP NF - 5/19/00) -- Tony and Jan Vallone, VA -- 21 April 2007

*Solo (CH Chantilly's Woofgang Amadeus CD RN HSAs NA NAJ NAP NJP Group Fourth - 4/01/96) -- Cindy Nellipowitz -- 13 September 2006

Shiloh (CH Fox Lane's Victory In Blue CD AX AXJ - 1/17/95) -- Carol Carlsen, MI -- 19 January 2003

Ivy Sue (CH Fox Lane's Zany Treasure CD MX MXJ - 5/09/96) -- Carol Carlsen, MI -- 15 February 2004

*Pearl (CH Gemstone Pearl Of A Girl RN HT MX MXJ - 6/14/99-9/15/08) -- Sharon Baker -- 13 September 2006

Billy (CH MACH Merewoods NY State of Mind CDX RE HSAs MXB MJB MJP NF CGCA- 3/03/02) -- Trudy Wisner -- 10 June 2007

Darby (CH Wigglesworth's Party Favor HSAs HSBd HIAs HIBd HXAd HXAsM MX MXS MXJ MJB NAP NF - 12/30/02) -- Terry Manganiello, KS and Sharon Ipser -- 20 April 2007

Zoom (CH MACH14 Wigglesworth Super Sonic CD RN MXC4 MJS5 NAP NJP MXF MFS TQX- 2/07/04) -- Sharon and Jeff Ipser, OH -- 13 September 2006

Lacey (CH Wynsum Alluring Dreamweaver RN AX AXJ NAP NJP - 8/12/99) -- Carol Carlsen, MI -- 9 December 2006

Dickens (CH Wynsum Braveheart Of Mine RN AX AXJ - 3/17/00) -- Carol Carlsen, MI -- 24 November 2006

Shayne (CH Wynsum Diamonds Are Forever RN AX AXJ - 12/25/01) -- Carol Carlsen, MI -- 10 December 2005

Guinness (CH MACH2 PACH Wynsum Hard Habit To Break RE MXB2 MJS2 MXP7 MXPS MJP6 MJPS PAX2 XF THD (Guinness - 12/11/03) -- Robert & Jan Leverenz & Carol Carlsen -- 14 September 2007

7 Awarded in 2008

*Belle (CH Britannia Belle O' The Ball RN PT OA OAJ NF - 2/22/99) -- Joanne Williamson -- 14 October 2007

Carly (BISS CH Britannia Made You Look CD RE NAP NJP NFP - 2/11/99) -- Kirsten Andreassend, Margie Haarsager and Michele Ritter

Allie (HC Cynamen Artisan Rising Star RN HSAds HSBds HIAds HIBd HXAds NAJ NJP - 2/18/04) -- Barbara Claxton -- 20 January 2008

Brodie (CH Dunnachie's Make 'Em Reel CD RN HSAds HIAd NA - 3/07/02) -- Mary Lott and Kathleen Harrold

Maggie (CH Ha'Penny Aberdeen Michaela May RN AX AXJ OAP OJP OFP - 5/31/03) -- Deborah Alexander, Christina Miller, and Mrs J Richard Schneider

Ry (GCH CH Pentangle Rock'n Ryland P RN TDX HSAs HIAs HXAs OA OAJ NJP OF THDN - 10/08/03) -- Sharon Prassa -- 28 October 2007

*Tyler (CH Wind Dancer Circle Of Life PT HSCs MX MXB MXJ MJB-3/12/01) -- Linda Swain and Pat Hyde

14 Awarded in 2009

*BIS GCH CH Briarpatch Top That CD RE PT OA OAJ OF CGC (Christopher - 11/27/03) --Anna Gracie and Lucy Campbell-Gracie, MD

MACH2 Cameron Sugarland Express UDX OM1 RN MXC MJS2 XF T2B (Shug - 9/20/06) -- Jill Scarborough, AR

CH Charter The Meter's Running HSAds HSBd MX MXJ (Taxi - 5/31/05) -- Terry Manganiello, KS

Colard Fly With Me RE PT AX AXJ MXP2 MXPB MJP2 MJPB XF MFP MFPB (Rembrandt - 9/01/01) -- John and Miranda Mulders

MACH2 Dunnachie's Buffy Slays Me RN HT MXC MJB2 OAP AJP OF (Buffy - 3/07/02) -- Dawn Kinney, Jackye Dunn, and Lynn Zagarella

CH Fivefields Chaotic Chemistry RA HSAs NA NAJ (Enslow - 9/11/04) -- Jo Gideon, WA

CH MACH Lakewood Shining Star RN MXB MJC NF (McKay - 4/17/02) -- Tom and Cheri Omnus and Julie Patzius

CH MACH Lil'Clove Hello Poppet CD RE HSAs MXS MJS MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB NF CGCA (Poppet - 10/21/06) -- Trudy and Chelsea Wisner

*CH Llandona Coeur De La Mer CD RE PT NA NAP NJP (Maggie - 5/30/99) -- Jeff Wong and Alison Jayne

CH Pentangle's Synchronicity RA HSAds HSBd HIAds HXAd (Tess - 10/08/03) -- Debra Thomas DVM, WA

*Risa Spindrift Over And Out CD BN RAE2 PT MX MXJ NJP XF (Roger - 11/12/05) -- Pat Coreris and Jana Dozet

*MACH PACH Spindrift Risa Hot Stuff CD RA MXB MJS MXPB MJP4 PAX (Spice - 11/25/00) -- Patti Bott, Jana Dozet and Pam Harris

CH Summit's No Strings Attached CD RAE PT (2/05/02) -- Kathy and Steve Thomas

CH MACH2 Wigglesworth Walk This Way CD RA MXC MJB2 MXF MFB T2B (Paige - 8/17/04) -- Diane Lipman and Sharon and Jeff Ipser

15 Awarded in 2010

CH Britannia Runaway Angel RE AX AXJ NF (Vickie - 3/10/07) -- Beth and Rick Kortze

GCH CH PACH Brynmar's My Love RN MX AXJ MXP7 MXPG MJP7 MJPG PAX2 NF (Brodie - 2/14/03) -- BJ Walker

CH Chaniam Liath Keelin RA HSAd HSBd HIAs + group placement (Kiwi) -- Tish Pollock

CH Llanddona Blue Lyrics CD RN OA OAJ NAP NJP NFP (Clyde - 1/02/00) -- Christi Tadaki and Stanley Lum

*CH Meadow's Unique Sensation CD RA AX AXJ (Godiva - 3/25/01) -- Kathryn Haas

*CH Moonstone Back In My Heart RA HT NA OAJ NJP NF OFP (Heart - 4/27/01) -- Casey Minner

O'Duinnin Celebration Ale RE PT AX MXJ MJB MJP3 MJPB XF T2B2 T2BP3 (Ceilidh - 9/11/04) -- Jack Buhite and Libby Myers-Buhite

CH O'Duinnin Michelob RN PT AX AXJ (Mic - 9/11/04) -- Kay Sawkowski

*MACH3 Raintree Ha'Penny Hades CDX RE MXG MJB2 AXP AJP OF (Patch - 5/21/00) -- Claire Cifarelli

*CH Shanaspree Kick A Field Goal RA MX MXJ MJB NJP OF (Kailey - 10/13/97) -- BJ Walker

*Spindrift Risa Devil Made Me Do It RN PT MX MXJ MJB NF (Loki - 5/06/00) -- Joe, Kathy, and Shannon Smart

CH Surfsong's Summer Promise CD RAE PT NA NAJ (Summer - 8/25/04) -- Ann Rambaud, Ray Salmon and Lori Fournier

CH Wildwood Arcadia Heartbreaker RN OA AXJ NF (Rizo - 2/13/01) -- Cyndi Cerjan

Wynsum Embrace the Moment RN HT AX AXJ OF (Bracey - 5/31/02) -- Sheila Franklin and Carol Carlsen

CH MACH3 Wynsum Many Splendored Thing RN PT FDC MXS2 MJB2 MXP MFB TQX T2B3 (Morgan - 3/21/06) -- Glenn Alexander and Carol Carlsen

9 Awarded in 2011

CH After Dark Seventh Star RN AX MXJ OF (Zoe - 9/21/03) -- Jenny Scheytt

Bella CD RE AXP MJP NFP VX (8/01/02) -- Barbara and Paul Erway

*BISS GCH Briarpatch Look At That CD RE HT AX AXJ MXP MJP (Iggy - 9/04/99) -- Lucy Campbell-Gracie

CH Chaniam Claddagh Fainne CDX RN HSAd AX MXJ OF (Spunk - 5/31/04) -- Laurie Lo

CH Chelsic N Brandmar What Better Said RN PT NA OAJ NF (Christopher - 10/24/01) -- Linda Swain and Pat Hyde

CH MACH10 PACH Colquhoun's No Time To Relax RN MXG3 MJB4 MXP4 MXPB MJP4 MJPB PAX MXF MFB TQX T2B (Miller - 4/23/04) -- Karen Barratt

CH Spindrift Something About Mary CD BN RE PT MX MXB MXJ MJS XF T2B2 CGC (Mary - 11/12/05) - Pam Harris

*CH Sunriver Stand And Deliver RE OA OAJ (Georgie - 11/30/99) - Christiana Taylor, William Carter, Amy Steltz

CHMACH6 WynsumQueenOfDiamondsN'TheRuffCD BN RE HSAs FDC MXC2 MJB3 MXP2 MJP2 MJPB MFG TQX MFP T2B4 (McKenzie - 6/09/08) -- Debbie Alexander

16 Awarded in 2012

CH Artisan Frost Flower VCD1 HSAds AX OAJ FDCH Joanne Vaughn & Ann Witte

Brampton's Pinball Wizard BN RE PT OA OAJ XF (Elton - 12/10/02) -- Heather Gahres

CH Brika's Reggae Finale RE HT NA OAJ (Marley - 12/05/03) -- Carol Freeman

CH MACH3 Colard Fly Me To The Moon RN MXC MJB2 MXF MFB TQX T2B2 (Kizzy - 11/07/07) -- Mulders

Cynamen Artisan Winter Light RE HT AX AXJ OF (Rune - 5/20/03) -- Nancy Reich

CH MACH3 Estrella There's A Breeze AllAround HT MXC MJB2 NF (Brie - 9/07/09) -- Andrea Hobe

GCH CH Highlander He Shoots He Scores BN RE PT OA AXJ NF CGC (Stanley - 3/01/07) -- Molly McNamara

MACH3 Lil'Clove's Poppet's First Moppet BN RA HSAs MXC MJC OF (B-Buster - 3/19/10) -- Claire Cifarelli

*Marjac's Mystic Raven RE PT MX MXJ MXP (Raven - 4/30/05) -- Marilynn Snook

MACH4 O'Duinnin Blacker N Coal RA PT MXC MJS2 NF THDA DJ CGCA (Colby - 6/16/05) -- Andrea Hobe

GCH CH Scott's Gotta Have Heart CD RE OA AXJ -- (Scully - 9/08/06) -- Noli Caswell

GCH Sherwood Cool Sequel At Summit CD RE PT -- Kathy Thomas & Kim Raleigh

MBISS GCH CH Spindrift Bend It Like Beckham PTMXMXBMXJMJBMXFT2B2 (Beckham - 9/01/09) -- Shannon Smart

Spindrift Nonesuch Made Ya Look CD RE OA NAJ NF (Logan - 2/17/03) -- Dianna Anderson

CH Wigglesworth Which Way Now HSAs MX MXJ MJB OF T2B (Zuri - 5/20/08) -- Miriam Harthill

CH MACH7 Wynsum Rhythm and Brews BN RAE MXG3 PAD MJS3 MFS TQX T2B5 (Smitty - 3/27/09) -- Jan Leverenz

17 Awarded in 2013

CH PACH3 Brandmar Come Fly With Me RA MX MXJ MXP12 MXPC MJP12 MJPB2 PAX4 OF OFP T2BP (Sterling - 3/26/08) -- Karen Reed, TX

CH MACH Brynmar's Simply Irresistible RN MXS MJG NF T2B (Bryn - 1/30/08) -- BJ Walker, CO

CH Brynmar's Take My Breath Away RN HT OA AXJ OF (Bentley - 12/17/05) -- Linda Swain and Pat Hyde, TX

CH Cynamen Artisan Star Kissed RA HSAs HIAs HXAs (Jolie – 2/18/04) -- Cindy Mendonca

GCH CH MACH Headlines Upcoming News CD BN RAE PT MXS MJS MXP2 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX XF T2B2 T2BP THD CGC (Emma - 2/08/09) -- Suzi and Matt Beddoe, OR

Highlander Let's Dance CD RE OA OAJ NF CGC (MacKenzie - 3/01/07) -- Dave and Sharon Anderson, CA

CH MACH2 Lakewood Born To Be A Star RN MXG MJG CA (Marco - 5/17/10) -- Cheri and Tom Omnus, MO

CH Lil'Clove A League Of Her Own RN PT MX MXJ MJB NF (Dottie - 10/23/10) -- Trudy Wisner

DC Lil'Clove True Grit VCD1 [CD TD] BN RAE TDX PT HSAds HSBd HIAds HXAdM MX MXJ XF CGC (Quincy - 10/23/10) -- Sonja Blanchard, VT

CH Moonstone Kick Start My Heart RN PT AX MXJ MXP MJP2 NF OFP (Shebang - 4/10/06) -- Sandy McDonald, VA

CH Odyssey One Step Beyond RE AX OAJ OAP OJP NF (Calum - 11/22/08) -- Beth Kortze, VA

DC Pentangle's Captain Jack BNRAEHSAdsHSBdHIAdsHIBdHXAdMHXBdMMXMXJMXFT2B (Jack - 3/17/08) -- Joanne Williamson, MA

DC Pentangles Pedal To The Metal RN HSAs HSBd HXAdMsM (Dani - 3/17/08) -- Sharon Baker

Skyedance A Lark Ascending BN RE HT MX MXJ MJS NAP NJP OF NPF T2B (Skyelark - 02/23/08) -- Libby and Jack Buhite, CA

CH Woodsong's Danner Take A Hike CD RE HSAds NA (Danner - 9/14/08) -- Nancy Thompson

CH Wynsum Perpetual Motion BN RN MX MXB MXJ MJB XF (Grif - 6/07/07) -- Bobbie & Bill Raguse & Carol J Carlsen

CH MACH3 Wynsum Rhiannon In Flight RE MXS2 MJS2 OF T2B3 CGC TKA (Rhia - 3/27/09) -- Kathy & Jason Tomlinson, Carol Carlsen & Chase Koetter

8 Awarded in 2014

BISS GCH CH Britannia Piece Of My Heart CD BN RA AX AXJ (Jesse - 3/02/07) -- Christiana Taylor, William Carter, and Amy Steltz

CH MACH Estrella's Solamente Mia BN RN MXB MJB OF CA (Mia - 9/07/09) -- Jennifer Scheytt

MACH Lil'Clove Caol Ila BN RN PT MXB MJS MXF (Caol Ila - 3/19/10) -- Ruth Bryden

Lil'Clove Cap'n Jack Sparrow RN HT OA AXJ NF (Jack - 10/21/06) -- Trudy Wisner and Chelsea Wisner

Lil Clove Midnight Lace RA PT AX AXJ OF (Kit - 10/23/10) -- Jeremy Haag and Heather Gahres

CH Pentangle's Special Agent CD RE HSAds HSBds HIAs OA OAJ XFT2B CGC (Kensi - 3/21/12) -- Elizabeth Scorzelli

Spicewood Cynamen Early Light RE HSAds HSBd HIAd OA OAJ NF (Murk - 7/11/09) -- Nancy Reich

CH Woodsong Doris Daring RN HSAs FDC NA NAJ CGC -- Olivia Lazarus & Norm Lazarus & Candace Hepner

10 Awarded in 2015

Bedlam's Joyful Journey UDX2 OM2 RN HSAd HSBd HIAd (6/19/05) -- Laurie Lo

Brandmar Jenuwin Unforgettable Fire CD RN MX MXB MXJ MJS OF T2B2 (Delaney - 12/18/10) -- Karen Reed

GCH CH Briarpatch Just One Look CD BN RE HSAs OA OAJ NAP NJP NF (Ollie - 7/16/08) -- Anna K Gracie & Lucy C Campbell-Gracie & Carol M Lamb

Chantilly Dusta Ol Fashion Love Song CD RN HSAds HIAds HIBs HXAds (Jazz - 11/18/07) -- Mary Lott

Chantilly's Royal Motions To Pagoda BN RN PT AX MXJ MJB NF T2B CGC (Roy - 6/04/10) -- Dianne Morey

CH Meadows' Emerald At Gemineye CD RE HT AX AXJ MXP2 MJ2P NFP THDN CGC (Emie - 9/15/08) -- Meg Naylor & Claudia McNulty

CH Springhills Against All Odds PT AX OAJ XF THD (Bailey - 6/28/10) -- Steve Lausmann

CH Surfsong's Celebration CD RE HSAs HIAs NA NAJ (Guinness -12/15/07 ) -- Ray Salmon, Lori Fournier, and Ann Rambaud

GCH CH Winberlee's Back In Black CDX RE HSAs NA NAJ (Bo - 8/05/10) -- Ray Salmon, Joyce Ann Burgett, and Ann Rambaud

CH Wynsum To Know Him Is To Love Him CDX RA MX MXJ (Ozzie - 5/24/10) -- Carolyn Epperson and Carol Carlsen

20 Awarded in 2016

CH Aellen The Play Maker HSAs HIAs HXAs NAJ CGC (Pal - 8/19/05), Carol Colavecchio & Ruth E. Colavecchio

CH Aellen Tru Blue BN RN HSAs HIAs HXAs CGC - Linda & Martell Weeks

CH Alistair Wynsum Buster Brown The Man About Town PT FDC AX AXJ MFB CGC (Alex - 8/05/12), Glenn Alexander

Brampton’s Pinball Wizard BN RE PT OA OAJ XF (Elton - 12/10/02), Heather Gahres & Jeremy Haag

GCH CH Briarpatch Look What’s Next CD BN RE PT NA NAJ NF CGC (Charlie -2/15/11), Lucy Campbell-Gracie

GCH CH Britannia Sebring All Time High CDX PCDX BN GN RE HT - Kathy Thomas & Jill Floberg

Burlesque Ice Ice Baby RE PT FDC MX MXB MXJ MJB XF THDN RATO CGC (Ice - 10/16/11), Martha Fruehwald & Michael Johnson

GCH CH Colquhoun's Xmas Zinger HSAs HIAs OA AXJ (Gillian -10/25/07), Elaine Robinson & Robin Lee Hood & Robert Robinson

CH Fivefields Miss Bliss BN RE HT NAP NJP THD CGCA (Bliss - 3/04/04), Sharon Domier & Shane Peters

CH Gemineye America’s Heartthrob PT MX MXJ MJB OF CGC (Bieber - 2/14/12), Meg Naylor

CH Harvest Highland Hocus Pocus BN RE MX AXJ NF (Charlie - 10/20/06), Wanda Packard

Lil'Clove Key Largo BN RA OA AXJ OF (Higgins - 10/23/10), Terry Johnson

Lil’ Cloves Ruff n’ Tumble CD BN RA HSAds OA OAJ XF CGCA (Rugby - 9/20/14), Trudy & Chelsea Wisner

CH Old Smuggler’s Lion Tamer CD BN RE NA NAJ THD CGCA CGCU (Ulee - 4/28/10), Judy Thrift

NSBIS GCH CH Potterdale Jubilee Diamond PCD BN RE PT NA AXJ OF (Scarlett - 12/04/12), Casey Minner & Sandy McDonald

CH Runningmtn Justine Morgan CD RAE PT - M Lynne Corn & Tish Pollock

CH Shadowfax’s Fire Water RN HSAs THDD - Sandy Dubin & Karen Drummond

Spicewood Cynamen Night Pic RE HSAds HSBd HIAds NA NF (Pic - 7/22/09), Nancy Reich

CH Wigglesworth Flying Fish HSAs AX AXJ OF (Rebel - 7/09/12), Miriam Harthill & Diane Lipman

GCH CH Wildwood Kinikia Nobody’s Fool RAE NA NAJ CGC (Stryker - 4/01/06), Cyndi Cerjan & Terri Stepankow

14 Awarded in 2017

CH Allaround Born To Be Wild At Magnolia CD BN RAE NF CAA RATO CGCA (Mowli - 2.01.13), Miranda Young and Andrea Hobe

CH Balderdash Bedazzled At Balgrae CD PCD BN RAE HSAds HSBds HIAds HIBd AXP AJP XFP CGC (Dazzle - 11/20/14), Joanne Williamson

Balderdash Taylored In Vermont CD BN RE HSAds HIAd OA OAJ NF CGC (Taylor - 11/20/14), Sonja Blanchard

GCH CH Brenriga Wrapped in Dreamz BN RA PT FDC MX MXJ OF (Swagger - 4/08/11), Sandy McDonald and Casey Minner

CH Briarpatch Jocala Southern Star PCD BN RN HT AXP AJP CGCA (Star - 2/15/11), Carol & Joseph Lamb and Lucy Campbell-Gracie & Anna K Gracie

CH Legacy's Song For Nicholas Gone West BN RE NA NAJ OAP CGCA (Nicholas - 4/02/11), Laura Price, Monika Helgemo, &
Judith Leroy

Linus RAE OA OAJ AXP MJPNFP THDN CGC (11.22.13 - Linus), Karen Deitke

CH Moonstone Get Out Of My Way BN RA PT FDC OA AXJ OF (Ace - 1/30/13), Linda Porter, Sandy McDonald & Casey Minner

CH Orion Across The Universe From Highlander BN RE HSAs FDC CGC (Astrid - 6/18/14), Molly McNamara & Shannon Smart & Beth Tilson

GCH CH Papaw's Call To Duty RN PT FDC RATO CGC TKN, Robin Lord and Leslie Papa

CH Pentangle's Express Yourself At Marikei CD BN RN AX OAJ OF CA (Dillon - 3/17/08), Chris Perales and Deb Thomas

Rivercity Georgia Magnolia May RA PT NA NAJ NAP OJP RATM CGCA TKN (Maggie - 12.04.12) Kevin and Suzanne O'Malley

Sweetwater's Bethpage Black BN RE THDD RATN CGC (Cooper - 1/10/09), Carol Bond

GCHB CH Woodsong Tangled Up In Blue NA NAJ NF THDX RATO CGC TKN (12/18/07), Olivia and Norm Lazarus 

4  to beAwarded in 2018

Artisan Crystal Starlight RN PT OA OAJ AXP AJP OF XFP RATN CGC (Nikki - 5.19.11), Thomas and Kathleen Defino

Burlesque Special Mystique RE FDC OAP NJP THDN RATO CGC, Martha Fruehwald and Laura Colombo

GCH Dunnachie Xavier BN RN HSAsM CGC TKN (Xavi - 4.29.13), Sharon and Joe Prassa

CH Skyedance Happy As A Lark RA PT OAJ OF CA CGC (Frolic - 4/17/12), Libby Myers-Buhite and Jack Buhite

Versatility Awards Revamped in 2017.

Either old or new rules apply to 2016.
New rules apply to 2017 and beyond.

9.9.2 Versatility Awards

The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge members who have achieved titles with their Beardies from a variety of AKC recognized venues.

There are three levels of recognition:

VA (Versatility award)
VX (Versatility award Excellent)
MV (Master of Versatility)

All titles accepted by AKC as a part of a dog’s permanent record can be used to qualify for these awards. In addition, for the conformation venue only, an all breed BIS, an all breed or herding group show group placement, and/or a National Specialty BOB win will be accepted as title equivalents by the Versatility chair if the owner provides him/her with the show name/date so that the win(s) can be confirmed.

Titles can be earned in the following venues:

  1. Agility

  2. Conformation

  3. Herding

  4. Obedience

  5. Rally

  6. Therapy

  7. Tracking

  8. Miscellaneous: Includes any AKC recognized venue such as Barn Hunt, Companion (CGC), Coursing Ability, Dock Diving, Flyball, and Search & Rescue where titles are recognized by AKC but the venue is not represented by a BCCA standing committee.

Restrictions on the number of titles counted:

1. Titles must be earned in order to count. This restriction applies to herding where dogs may be started at any level.
2. In venues like agility and obedience with regular and preferred title tracks, equivalent titles in the two tracks will not be counted. For example, if a dog has earned an NA and an NAP in agility or a CD and a PCD in obedience, only one of these titles will be counted toward a versatility award from agility and obedience respectively.
3. Instinct titles, like HIC and RATI, are not acceptable to qualify for versatility awards

For the Master of Versatility award, any of the following will fulfill the requirement for a Championship Qualifying title:

  1. Agility - MACH, PACH, AGCH, NAC

  2. Conformation - all breed BIS, GGCH, National Specialty BOB win

  3. Herding - HC

  4. Obedience - OTCH, OGM, POC, NOC

  5. Rally - RNC

  6. Therapy - THDD

  7. Tracking - CT

  8. Miscellaneous – None

A summary of the overall requirements for the awards follows:

Versatility Award (VA)

Versatility Excellent Award (VX)

Master of Versatility (MV)

5 titles from at least 3 venues


10 titles from at least 4 venues


15 titles from at least 5 venues


No restrictions on the number of titles/venue


A maximum of 5 titles/venue may be counted


A maximum of 6 titles/venue may be counted;
the Championship qualifying title will NOT count


At least two titles must be earned in each of three venues



Championship qualifying title required: BIS; GGCH, NS BOB win;


At least a HT required in herding


Bearded Collie Club of America Standing Rules Adopted September 16, 2013 Updated March 28, 2017 page 19 of 19

Rules active through 2016

9.9.2 The Versatility Award recognizes any bearded collie that has earned titles in three of the following five areas and is owned by a BCCA member: Conformation:

Members who own dogs that qualify for a Versatility Award must apply to the Versatility Awards Committee and must present proper verification of titles.

08/86-05, 05/95-01, 04/99- 03, 05/04-02, 04/05-04

9.9.3 The Versatility Excellent Award is established to encourage owners to continue to participate in various AKC activities. A minimum of eight titles garnered from a minimum three categories are needed to attain a Versatility Excellent. Each achievement is counted only once.

08/97-01, 09/97-02, 03/98-03, 08/98-03, 05/04-03, 04/05-05, 09/06-03)

9.9.4 The Masters of Versatility Award is available to all bearded collie owners who are members in good standing of the BCCA. ILP bearded collies are eligible. Dog shall already have earned Versatility and Versatility Excellent Awards. All earlier earned titles will count toward this award. Points shall be through the last full title earned. Acceptable governing bodies are as follows: Conformation, Obedience, Agility, and Tracking AKC; Herding AKC or the BCCA; Therapy TDI or other similar agencies that test for therapy visitation; Canine Good Citizen AKC with local club testing. General Requirements: 1. The dog must have earned an All Breed Best In Show in Conformation or a Championship in Tracking, Herding, Obedience, or Agility. 2. In addition to the above, the dog must earn twelve additional titles from at least three Bearded Collie Club of America Adopted September 30, 2013 Standing Rules Page 19 of 21 other categories of activity, not including the BIS or Championship category. One area of activity can remain unexplored. Example #1: Conformation, Obedience, Agility, and Tracking, with Herding left unexplored. Championship in Tracking. Example #2: Herding, Agility, Obedience, and Tracking, with Conformation left unexplored. Championship in Herding.

The following list offers the titles and awards that will count as individual points towards the twelve required points in addition to the Championship or BIS that is required.

One point will be awarded for: Conformation title and awards (a maximum of three titles)


Obedience titles (a maximum of five titles)

Tracking Titles (a maximum of four titles)

Herding Titles (a maximum of six titles; skipped titles are not counted)

Agility Titles (a maximum eight titles - all titles counted can be either regular or preferred titles, they cannon be added together.)

Rally Obedience: (a maximum of four titles)

Other Titles

In order to receive a Masters in Versatility Award, all titles must be earned prior to May 1st of the year in which the award will be given. Copies of said titles must be in the form of a copy of the actual title, page number or actual copy of page from awards magazine where individual wins would be recorded, or copy from breed magazine statistics, and must reach the Versatility Chairperson 45 days prior to the date of the specialty in that year.

03/04-02, Bearded Collie Club of America Adopted September 30, 2013

Standing Rules Page 20 of 21

Last updated 1 November 2017

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