Estrella's One Crazy Summer

Soleil - DN39989201 - Bitch - 6/27/14

Breeder: Jenny Scheytt

Chantillys Tyme Moves On Of Xtc x CH Estrella's Solamente Mia BN RN MX MXB MXJ MJB OF CA(Mia)

Owner/Handler: Jenny Scheytt of Sterling Heights, MI


Cathi Winkles

AKC DN39989201

Standard Agility

Jumpers with Weaves


Time to Beat






Mom Zoe, Dad Miller and 4 of their puppies: Razz, Packer, Mia, and Brie

Maggie-Alashaw's Up And At 'Em-Jenny Scheytt Sawyer-Moonstone Wild At Heart-Jenny Scheytt

April 2011

We traveled down to Perry, GA for a conformation and agility trial. It was a bit of a family reunion as Andrea and Brie were there and both Karen and Ann came all the way from Texas with their crew so we had mom Zoe, Dad Miller and 4 of their puppies Razz, Packer, Mia, and Brie. The highlight of the trip was when we got to let the whole crew run together and play in the big field. We had 13 beardies all running and playing together.




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