BCCA Awards for 1997

The Denia Award for Standard Agility


Ch Baliwyn's Precious Friend


Handled by Jerry Bergen of White River Jct VT

 Denia Award

 Sponsored by Emily Venator and Glenn Hamilton

 Top 10 in 1997

 Breezy   Baliwyn Precious Friend Jerry Bergen   106
 Mikie   Holm Mike L Doglas Charles Gibson   77
 Patty   Britannia Peppermint Patty  Toni Tuck   63
 Tasha   Meadow's Fantasia  Ann Krafcheck   63
 Tugger   Walkoway's Rum Tum Tugger  Jim Leek   45
 Charlie   Baliwyn Downtown Charlie Brown  Alice Buschman   42
 Corey   Parcana Lord Corwin Joanne Williamson   40
 Morgan   Arcadia Wildwood RSVP Lisa Humm   36
 Miss C   Oak Meadow's Fawn Calypso Betty Winfield   36
 DeLorean   O'Duinnin Oh DeLorean Eileen Dinneen   36



Denia Award Points for All Beardies in 1997




(Points Awarded for Standard Agility at all levels up to the Masters title)

AKC - American Kennel Club Report for 1997

And, for those of you who are statistics freaks, in 1997:

61 Beardies earned one or more legs at any level
54 Beardies earned Delaney points
33 Beardies earned Novice legs only
11 Beardies earned both Novice & Open legs
2  Beardies earned Novice, Open & Excellent legs
5  Beardies earned Open legs only
2  Beardies earned Open & Excellent legs
6  Beardies earned Excellent legs only.

And in the titles department, in 1997:

31 Beardies earned NA's
11 Beardies earned OA's
5  Beardies earned AX's
2  Beardies earned MX's
for a total of 49 AKC agility titles!!!

Congratulations to all!

Standard Agility Certificates

sponsored by the Bearded Collie Club of America

Excellent Agility with 144 Excellent Front and Finish Points


Ch Holm Mike L Douglas, MX, OAC, NJC, OGC, PT, HIC, CGC
Charles Gibson of Caledonia, MI

Open Agility with 56 Open Front and Finish Points


Ch O'Duinnin Oh DeLorean, OA, CD, HIC
Eileen Dinneen of Colleyville, TX

Novice Agility with 63 Novice Front and Finish Points


Ch Balgrae's Sean Mackay, OA, CD, HS
Joanne Williamson of Cranford, NJ
Standard Front and Finish Points- All Beardies in 1997

Last updated 8 June 2004

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