BCCA Awards for 1996

The Denia Award for Standard Agility


Ch Arcadia-Caliburn Smoky Topaz


Handled by Penny Leigh of Hendersonville NC


Denia Award -- Sponsored by Emily Venator and Glenn Hamilton

A total of 37 Beardies have earned at least one AKC Standard leg this year.


 1   Tribbles   Arcadia-Caliburn Smoky Topaz    Penny Leigh          56 
 2   Mikie      Holm Mike L Douglas             Charles Gibson       41
 3   Patty      Britannia Peppermint Patty      Toni Tuck            39-6 legs?
 4   Maxie      Maxie                           Joyce Poklikuha      30
 5   Hope       Pandamonium Hopelessly Devoted  Emily Venator        29
 6   Breezy     Baliwyn Precious Friend         Jerry Bergen         26
 7   Annie      Moonsong Klassical Legacy       Sharon Prassa        25
 8   Tasha      Meadow's Fantasia               Ann Krafcheck        18
 8   Skyedance  Melita Skyedance                Jack Buhite          18
 8   Lucy       Oakengates Havin' A Ball        Liz Cox              18
11   Mandy      Bardmoor's Beach Breeze         Beth Canner          13
11   Sunny      Llwynogyn After the Fall        Carli Bates          13
13   BlueAngel  Omega Jocala Blue Angel         Peggy Sumter         13
14   Chase      Bedlam's Catch Me If You Can    Leslie Dawson-North   8
14   Koddi      Bedlam's Yumpin' Yiminny        Leslie Dawson-North   8
14   Kassi      Buaidh Mithandril Xerox O'Jen   Leslie Dawson-North   8
14   SummerFun  Caliburn Arcadia Summer Fun     Peggy Sumter          8 
14   Spiff      Chantilly Look Before You Leap  Iris Berry            8  
14   DeLorean   O'Duinnin Oh DeLorean           Eileen Dinneen        8
14   Boo!       O'Duinnin Picabo Streak         Karen Barratt         8
21   Rob        Balgrae's Rob Roy               Joanne Williamson     6
21   Cammie     Bardmoor Blue Cameo             Mary and Lori Maurer  6
22   Shelly     Bardmoor Bombshell              Karen Drummond        5
22   Sprite     Britannia Ghost Rider           Ruth Ivers            5 
22   Travis     Parcana Piece of the Action     Judy Panzini          5
22   Casey      Ragtyme Simply Spectacular      Yvonne Slate          5
27   Kibbles    Britannia Please Please Me      Elaine Kroposki       4
28   Jordy      Crisch Heir Jordan              Chris Schaefer-Blair  3
29   Frosty     Walkoway's Frosted Flakes       Linda Leek            2
30   Corey      Parcana Lord Corwin             Joanne Williamson     1
30   Duffy      Sheiling's D'Arque Sands        Sharon Danley         1

 ?   Miss C     Oak Meadow's Fawn Calypso       Betty Winfield        6 legs
 ?   KC         Goldcrest KC                    Betty Winfield        5 legs
 ?   Courtney   Caledonia's Carolina Courtney   Penny Leigh           3 legs
 ?   Allie      Bardmoor Blue Ballerina         Edie Circelli         2 legs?
 ?   Mayday     Britannia Sweet Talker          Gail Fisher           1 or 2 legs?
 ?   Jussie     Poebird's Just for Today        Marilyn Seglins       1 leg




Standard Agility Certificates

sponsored by the Bearded Collie Club of America


Excellent Agility with 83 Excellent Front and Finish Points

Tribbles - Ch Arcadia-Caliburn Smoky Topaz, MX, UD, HIC, ROM


Breeder: Jim and Diann Shannon

Owners: Penny Leigh and Dale McElrath

Handler: Penny Leigh of Hendersonville NC


Open Agility with 32 Open Front and Finish Points

Patty-Ch Britannia Peppermint Patty, OA, UDT, HT


Breeder: Michele Ritter

Owners: Antonia Tuck and Michele Ritter

Handler: Antonia Tuck of Manlius NY


Novice Agility with 42 Novice Front and Finish Points

Breezy-Ch Baliwyn's Precious Friend, NA, CD, TD, HIC, CGC


Breeder: Alice Buschman-Baliwyn

Owners: Lu and Jerry Bergen

Handler: Jerry Bergen of White River Jct VT

Standard Front and Finish Points- All Beardies in 1996

Last updated 8 June 2004

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