Ch/Otch Walkoway's Frosted Flakes


2/7/88 - 3/11/02

Rainbow Bridge

Frosty-D677582-Bitch-2/7/88 - 3/11/02

Breeders: Chris and Ed Walkowicz

Ch Scotdale's Teak O'Walkoway x Ch Arcadia-Walkoway Carte Blanche

Owners: Linda and Jim Leek of Coatesville, PA

Handler: Linda Leek

In a message dated 3/12/02 9:48:16 AM, writes:

Last night we had to help Frosty (Walkoway's Frosted Flakes) to the Bridge. It was not unexpected, but you're never truly ready, are you? She had turned 14 on 2/7.

She was my first dog.
She was my best friend.
She made me look good, for she was far better than I.

Please indulge my summary of her accomplishments. She was a career girl, so she never had time for puppies.

*CH which included 2 BOB's out of classes and a Group 4.

*OTCH and the first Beardie UDX. This doesn't begin to hint at all we went through to get there.

*In herding she got an HS, STDs and one leg on HTD 1s. This doesn't say how much she really preferred herding goats.<smile>

*In agility, which we didn't even start until she was almost 9, she got an OA, NAC and NAJ. She also had one leg toward her AX and two towards her AXJ.


Our only "failure" was tracking. No one could read her and she would happily follow any scent she wanted to follow.

And that was truly Frosty: independent and willful, but still a teammate all the way.

It was a hell of a ride, Frosty. Thanks for taking me along.


AKC Standard Titling 10/5/96 Novice A 20"-Leg 1 88 2/01/97 Novice A 20"-Leg 2 90 1st/5 2/02/97 Novice A 20"-Leg 3 100 1st/5 NA   8/02/97 Open 20"-Leg 1 100 3rd/11 8/03/97 Open 20"-Leg 2 100 3rd/13 9/14/97 Open 20"-Leg 3 100 2nd/9 OA   4/03/98 Excellent A 20"-Leg 1 88 AKC Jumps with Weaves 5/09/98 Excellent A 20"-Leg 1 100 1st/3 5/10/98 Excellent A 20"-Leg 2 100 1st/3 44.78'/48' NADAC 3B272 11/8/97 Novice Regular 20"-Leg 1-CR 1st 11/8/97 Novice Regular 20"-Leg 2-CR 1st 11/9/97 Novice Regular 20"-Leg 3-CR 1st NAC 11/9/97 Novice Regular 20"-Leg 4-CR 1st   11/8/97 Novice Jumpers 20"-Leg 1 11/9/97 Novice Jumpers 20"-Leg 2 NJC   13th NAC 11/9/97 14th NJC 11/9/97

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