Levontz's Highland Bronte


Picture by Julie Frost of Candid Critters

Bronte DL503301/02-Bitch-11/20/93 - 12/29/07 Rainbow Bridge

Breeder: Larry Vontz

Ch Greysteel Outlaw x Kweo's Regal Sara At Levontz

Owner/Handler: Kim Krueger of Sedalia, CO


LeVontz's Highlands Bronte UD HSas NA OAJ CGC VX, also known as Bronte went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning.  We were able to let her go quite peacefully here at home after a good breakfast of eggs and hash browns.  Her last hike was on Christmas Day.  She managed to still go herding once a week and would move the sheep from pen to pen for us. 
I picked out Bronte for my mom as a 4 month old puppy.  She spent her first 7 years living in Utah with my mom.  Then moved to Colorado to enjoy her retirement from obedience.  She became my running, hiking and biking partner.  She brought a tremendous amount of joy to my life.  I feel honored that she was able to spend the last 7 years with me. 
I will miss her more than anything.
Kim, Grendel and Delilah

AKC DL503301/02

Standard Titling

9/18/99   Novice A 20"-Leg 1   98   1st/8   53.65'/77'	
10/23/99  Novice A 20"-Leg 2   98   1st/7   55.03'/70'
3/25/00   Novice A 20"-Leg 3   98   4th/7   53.96'/66'	NA

12/2/01   Open 20"-Leg 1      100   1st/7   62.70'/69'
2/17/02   Open 20"-Leg 2       86   4th/16  75.75'/68'

Jumps with Weaves

10/23/99  Novice A 20"-Leg 1  100   1st/3   32.03'/36'
10/24/99  Novice A 20"-Leg 2  100   1st/2   28.87'/35'
3/25/00   Novice A 20"-Leg 3  100   1st/6   33.21'/39'	NAJ

12/1/01   Open 20"-Leg 1       92   1st/5   45.16'/41'
2/15/02   Open 20"-Leg 2       95   3rd/8   40.21'/41'   
2/17/02   Open 20"-Leg 3       96   3rd/13  41.85'/39'	OAJ

Bronte Hiking

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