Artisan Rook's Feather PT

Delilah-5 Months

Delilah, The Caterpiller

Delilah and Grendel

Delilah- DN108649/03- Bitch- 5/27/05-11/04/08 - bridge

Breeders: Ann and Harry Witte

CH Artisan Jacob x CH Artisan Tequila Sunrise HT

Owner/Handler: Kim Krueger of Sedalia, CO

Artisan Rook's Feather...Delilah passed away in a freak hit by car accident yesterday. She died almost immediately. I am thankful I was with her and got to hold her. I am just so sad and empty without her. I had a baby boy 2 months ago. Delilah absolutely loved him. She slept in the nursery with him, would gently lick his head and got up with me every night for the night feedings. But most of all, Delilah was my best friend. She was one of the silliest dogs I have ever had. The house seems so empty without her. Grendel just keeps wandering around looking for her. Our golden Sawyer is sitting out by the scrub oak Delilah would lay by....just waiting. Please hug your dogs and give them a special treat in memory of one of the coolest dogs ever....Delilah

Kim Krueger

Dinah at the 2006 Specialty

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