Aceilidhs World Class Velocity

Here is one of Brisk's runs.


Hi Libby: Just wanted to send you some pics from last weekend. Moxie at the age of 12.5 placed 2nd with over 600 points in the Vet double drop class. Brisk finished in 7th overall with over 500 points in the 22" reg class and Dash finished in 13th with 472 points in the 22" reg class. The Regional qualifier was held in Medicine Hat, Alberta Jun 3-5th. We are now qualified and are heading to the AAC Nationals in British Columbia in August. Can't say how pleased I am with all my girls, especially my old girlie, Moxie. She only had 5 faults over 6 runs. WOW! Leslie Dawson-North

Brisk-DN15952403 and RC995620-Bitch-2/05/05

Wigglesworth's Quantum Leap- x Aceilidhs Chase N Some Thrills OA OAJ (Heather)

Breeder/Owner/Handler: Leslie Dawson-North of Alberta, Canada


Standard Titling

 9/15/06 Novice B 20"-Leg 1     100   3rd/11   56.76'/68'
10/27/08 Novice B 20" leg 2      90            46.95'/67'  3.31

Jumpers With Weaves

 9/15/06 Novice B 20"-Leg 1      90   4th/15   33.05'/37'


10/27/08 Novice B 20" leg 1      57            25.55'/32'

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