Ch Britannia Sweet Black Angel


Lily D902635-Bitch-9/12/89-8/23/05-Rainbow Bridge

Breeder: Michele Ritter

Owner: Joanne Williamson of Boxboro MA (Balgrae)

Ch Classical's Paris Original CD x Ch Bendale Sweeter Than Wine

Handler: Marilyn Arwe

AKC 3/7/98 Novice B 20" Leg 1 85 71.54/76' 3/8/98 Novice B 20" Leg 2 90 65.90/69' 5/15/98 Novice B 20" Leg 3 85 4th/9 64.20'/70' NA  

I had Lily (Ch Britannia Sweet Black Angel NA, HIC) put to sleep on August 23rd. She was 2.5 weeks from her 16th birthday which would have been September 10.

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