BAD WAGs of Southern California

Brio, Cooper, Cosette, Impy, Millie, Oliver, Ryan, Spice, and Wizard

 Brio (Sharon Williamson)

 Cooper with Lori Fournier (Photo-Tien Tran)

Millie (Sharon Green)


  Oliver (Meredith Bar David)

Ryan (Meredith Bar David)


 Spice (Patti Bott)


Impy (Sarah Halsey) Photo by Nici Parker

Wizard (Sarah Halsey)

BAD Beardies of Southern California

Meredith and Maurice Bar David with Oliver, Ryan, and Annabelle of Santa Barbara CA
Patti Bott and Spice of Lakeside CA
Kathleen Flanagan with Tzootsie of Acton CA
Lori Fournier with Cooper of Oceanside CA
Sharon Green with Millie of Goleta CA
Sarah and Doug Halsey with Wizard, Impy, and Purple of Fallbrook CA
Cathy and Jim McLaren with Silver and Topper of Fountain Valley CA
Annie Rudkin with Beau and of Camarilo CA
Sharon Williamson with Brio of Costa Mesa CA


Southern California-Beau, Brio, Cooper, Cosette, Cylee, Impy, Millie, Oliver, Ryan, Annabelle, Spice, and Wizard

Northern California-Amos, Annie, Caper, Carli, Olav, Ry, Skyedance, Trouble, and Zoot

Northern California-Bingo, Chauncey, Chipper, Lorna, Max, Miles, Mirage, Nellie, Sparkee, Spiff, Tag and Viva

Northern California-Blueberry, Bogart, Gem, Pearl, Sadie, Sierra, Truman, and Zoë

Nevada-Amber, Jodie, Picard, Sabrina, Shelby, and Star

Oregon-Brinian, Brodie, Colton, Cydney, Cosette, Cagney, Harper, Patsch, Polo, Rachel, Ripley, Rosie, Stormy, Risky, Solo, Star, and Sundae

Washington and Alaska-Betel, Em, Bobby, Bridie,Georgie, Jake, K.C., Keogh, Miss C, Quinn, and Sagan

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