BAD WAGs of the Northwest

Washington and Alaska

Betel, Em, Bobby, Bridie, Georgie, Jake, K.C., Keogh, Miss C, Molly, and Sagan

 Betel with Jane Cooper

 Emma (Jane Cooper)


Bobby (Amy Steltz)

Photo by Tien Tran

Jake (Christiana Taylor)

Photo by Tien Tran



K.C. (Betty Winfield)

Miss C (Betty Winfield)


 Keogh (Betty Winfield)


 Molly (Pat Hansen)

Sagan and Linda Glaman

BAD WAGs of the Northwest -- Alaska, Oregon, Washington

Pat Hansen with Molly of Anchorage AK
Dena Healy with Ripley of Independence OR
Mary Lott with Patsch, Harper, and Brodie of Salem OR
Cindy Nellipowitz with Risky, Solo, and Sundae of Keno OR
Wanda Packard with Stormy, Rosie and Star of Milwaukie OR
Elaine Robinson with Rachel of Grants Pass, OR
Barbara Stone with Colton and Brinian of Hillsboro OR
Carl and Kay Widell with Cosette, Cydney, Cagney, Polo, and Piper of Brownsville OR
Jane and Jim Cooper with Betel, Em, and Nova of Benton City WA
Linda Glaman with Sagan of Benton City WA
Maggie Riechman with Bridie and Quinn of Sequim WA
Amy Steltz with Bobby of Auburn WA
Christiana Taylor with Jake and Georgie of Auburn WA
Betty Winfield with K.C., Miss C, and Keogh of Nine Mile Falls WA


Southern California-Beau, Brio, Cooper, Cosette, Cylee, Impy, Millie, Oliver, Ryan, Annabelle, Spice, and Wizard

Northern California-Amos, Annie, Caper, Carli, Olav, Ry, Skyedance, Trouble, and Zoot

Northern California-Bingo, Chauncey, Chipper, Lorna, Max, Miles, Mirage, Nellie, Sparkee, Spiff, Tag and Viva

Northern California-Blueberry, Bogart, Gem, Pearl, Sadie, Sierra, Truman, and Zoë

Nevada-Amber, Jodie, Picard, Sabrina, Shelby, and Star

Oregon-Brinian, Brodie, Colton, Cydney, Cosette, Cagney, Harper, Patsch, Polo, Rachel, Ripley, Rosie, Stormy, Risky, Solo, Star, and Sundae

Washington and Alaska-Betel, Em, Bobby, Bridie,Georgie, Jake, K.C., Keogh, Miss C, Molly, Quinn, and Sagan

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