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Hi Libby,

I so enjoy all the news and posts you send out. It's so inspiring to hear about these great dogs and wonderful dog and person teams.

My 18 month boy Mac had his first trial run this month, which was a real hoot. We didn't qualify but he had the best time there and double the fun, since he did many jumps from both sides, lol. Lots to learn here!!! Any way, out of that trial I finally got a first picture of Mac doing his thing, so I'm attaching it. He's totally fast and knows no fear, and it is a joy to be starting on this ride with him. Leaning into the wind, I entered him in Agility in Gettysburg because I knew he would revel in the fun of it. So here goes!

Thanks for all that you do to make this the best kind of community I've ever seen among people and their beardies, celebrating their successes as well as supporting their struggles and losses. On that last part, the Rainbow Bridge piece was so heartbreaking that I could only read it in bits. Best, Terry


Breeders: Dawn Meiras and Sharon Ipser

GCH Wigglesworth Thriller (Johnny) x CH Wigglesworth Dynamite (Dee Dee)

Owners/Handler: Terry Hush of Chicago, IL

AKC DN36625003

Standard Agility

11/27/15	AGNOVA	20INCHES	 85	1st/1	80.37'/70'		146 yds
11/28/15	AGNOVA	20INCHES	 90	1st/1	71.59'/66'		138 yds
11/29/15	AGNOVA	20INCHES	100	1st/2	55.26'/67'		140 yds  NA

12/06/15	AGOPEN	20INCHES	100	2nd/3	62.45'/67'		164 yds
04/10/16	AGOPEN	20INCHES	 89	2nd/4	69.27'/66'		162 yds

Jumpers with Weaves

12/04/15	JWWNOVA	20INCHES	 95	1st/1	42.28'/35'		105 yds
12/05/15	JWWNOVA	20INCHES	100	1st/1	31.37'/34'		103 yds
01/23/16	JWWNOVB	20INCHES	 90	1st/2	41.50'/31'		 93 yds  NAJ


06/24/16	FSTNOVB	20INCHES	 54	1st/4	33.62'/32'



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