CH Brampton's Abbey of St Mary

10 August 1995 13 July 2010

“We have been blessed to spend the past 14 1/2 years with our beautiful girl Abbey.  In that time she has taught us many lessons:

1. Seniors want to keep learning, working, and being a part of life.

2. Dog language - She made us better in understanding things - better handlers and instructors.

3. Yesterday she taught us the final lesson of letting go - with grace, strength and love.

We are eternally grateful to Pat Sherwood for sharing her with us.” - Heather Gahres

Abbey-x-Bitch-8/20/95 - came to live w/ us Jan 2006

Breeder: Pat Sherwood (Brampton)

Owners: Heather Gahres & Jeremy Haag Of Lebanon PA

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