CPE Nationals 2004

Elk Grove, CA - June 11 - 13, 2004


Star Stars and Caper Capers at the CPE Agility Nationals


Photo by Tien Tran

Jana Dozet's Star

High In CPE Nationals for Level 3 Standard Agility - 16"

Two months after winning Highs In Trial the the NCBCF Regionals, Star and Caper had a very successful weekend at the CPE Nationals in Elk Grove, CA on June 11 - 13! Star earned yet another HIT and Caper completed all four of his Level Three titles. Our judges, Al Ceranko (Ohio), Ray Wheeler (Massachusetts), and Frank Holik (Michigan), designed delightful, challenging, mostly flowing courses with several mirror images, which was great fun for former Scottish dancers, such as Jack, and pleasing to anyone who loves symmetry! LazyDog was on hand for breakfast and lunch each day, smoothies in the afternoons, and a nationals supper one evening. Elk Grove was quite hot (mid 80s to high 90s), but a 7:00 am start time, fans, several spreading trees, and only three runs each day made it bearable. It was much cooler outside in the sun than it was in the covered arena so we were glad that we had set up our tent outdoors. The participants were very friendly, so the close quarters, even outside, remained pleasant throughout the three days. Many of the Bay Team took part and we had competitors from various parts of the country, though the main draw was from California. CPE is still relatively new, only 6 years old, and I am sure that we will be seeing many more Beardie competitors in the future!

Jana and Star had an amazing weekend. Out of her 9 runs, Star qualified in 7, including three clean runs with placements in the Standard Class. This gave Jana the High in Trial for Level 3 Standard 16" and allowed her to run with ALL of the HIT dogs (all levels/all heights) in the final Championship round in which she was one of only five who ran clean! We were thrilled to see both Jana and Star do so well!!! Jana also finished Star's CL3 Handlers title with qualifying Wildcard and Colors runs and earned two more CL3 Fun legs in Jumpers and Fullhouse.


6/11/04   CL3-Regular-Leg 4    -CR  1st/14  36.54'/62'
6/12/04   CL3-Regular-Leg 5    -CR  4th/14  31.23'/52'
6/13/04   CL3-Regular-Leg 6    -CR  3rd/14  35.73'/60'
6/11/04   CL3-Colors-Leg 2     -CR          22.07'/26'
6/11/04   CL3-Wildcard-Leg 2   -CR  3rd/14  27.55'/45'
6/11/04   CL3-Fullhouse-Leg 3  -CR          43 pts
6/13/04   CL3-Jumpers-Leg 3    -CR          26.30'/40'
6/11/04   CL3-H (Handler)
6/13/04   High In CPE Nationals - CL3 Standard - 16"

Photo by Tien Tran

Jack Buhite's Caper

First Beardie to Complete CPE Level 3

Jack and Caper had a great weekend, too! It was our goal to finish CPE Level 3 and we needed exactly the opposite legs from Star. We needed two more Standard and one Jumpers run for our Standard and Fun titles. Caper gave us two perfect Standard runs, both with first places, and an exciting Jumpers run with a second place. He earned two Level 4 legs as well, one in Colors and one in Fullhouse. It takes a while to get used to all of the games, but it allows the handler to do something new and fresh!


6/12/04   CL3-Regular-Leg 2    -CR  1st/17    25.00'/52'
6/13/04   CL3-Regular-Leg 3    -CR  1st/15    30.34'/60'
6/13/04   CL3-Jumpers-Leg 2    -CR  2nd/19    22.39'/40'
6/11/04   CL4-Colors-Leg 1     -CR  3rd/13    19.90'/24'
6/11/04   CL4-Fullhouse-Leg 1  -CR  6th/13    41 points
6/13/04   CL3-R (Regular)
6/13/04   CL3-F (Fun) and Level 3 completed!

It was great fun to share three days with Jana and Star and we enjoyed Sharon Prassa's visit with Ry on Saturday!

CPE Nationals 2006

Elk Grove, CA - June 2 - 4, 2006

HOST CLUB: Haute Dawgs Agility Club of Sacramento
JUDGES: Lesa McCann, Terry Scofield and Amanda Moller

Caper qualified to go and attended, Qing in 6 of 9 runs. He took a first place in the Standard Class in one of his runs..

6/02/06   CL5-Regular-Leg 10   -CR  1st/31   33.85'/50'
6/03/06   CL5-Jumpers-Leg 14   -CR           29.68'/29'
6/03/06   CL5-Jackpot-Leg 11   -CR           49 points
6/04/06   CL5-Snooker-Leg 9    -CR           41 points
6/04/06   CL5-Colors-Leg 7     -CR           19.61'/25'
6/02/06   CL5-Fullhouse-Leg 7  -CR           27 points

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