Ch Glengarry's Twilight Fancy CD, PT

TESSA D702868 -Bitch- 3/11/88 - 1/19/05

Breeder: Carolee DeWitt and Cathy Cline

Owner/Handler: Pam Harris of Sparks NV

Just a note to let everyone know that Tessa passed over the Rainbow Bridge on 1/19/05.

She was more to me than I can possibly say. She would have been 17 on March 11.

I'll miss her.



4/26/97	Novice A 20" Leg 1		85
4/27/97	Novice A 20" Leg 2		90

Tessa's Links

Dam to:

Ch Spindrift Pride of Glengarry, OA, OAJ, NAC, OJC, U-AGI, PT, JHD, CD, ROM, ROMI, ROMO, ROMA, VX-Amber

Granddam to:

Ch Chantilly Look Before You Leap, AD, AX, OAJ, EAC, OJC, NGC, HT, JHD-s, FDCh, TT, JS-O, GS-N, CGC-Spiff

StCh, StIntCh Spindrift Best of Both Worlds, OA, OAJ, OAC, OJC, NGC, PT, JHD, ROMI, ROMAX-Shelby

Ch Spindrift Jean-Luc Picard, AX, AXJ, NAP, AD, OAC, OJC, NGC, JHD, PT, CGC, VX-Picard

Spindrift Leap of Faith, OA, NAJ, NAC-Shawna

Ch Spindrift William Rikker, MX, MXJ, AAD, AR, AS, JM, EAC, OJC, NGC, PT, JHD, CD, VX -Chipper

Great Granddam to:

Spindrift Catch A Risa Sta, AX, MXJ, OAC, OJC, NGC, WV-N, CL3-FRSH, PT, CGC-Star

Spindrift Cookie Monster Risa, NA, NAJ, PT, CD, TDI, CGC-Grendel

Spindrift Dont U Just Lovett, OA, NAJ, HIC, CGC-Cocoa

Spindrift Risa Golden Phoenix-McCue-NA-Pepper

Spindrift Risa Hot Stuff, MX, MXJ, AD, AS, AJ, AR, NAC, OJC, NGC, WV-N, CGC-Spice

Spindrift Risa Up and Over, OA, AXJ, NAC, NJC, HIC, HT-Tag



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