Libby Myers-Buhite and Karen Barratt, Agility Co-Chairs

Joanne Williamson, AKC Statistician

BCCA Agility Committee - 2003 - 2004

Annual Agility Report - September 2004

Respectfully submitted by Libby Myers-Buhite and Karen Barratt, BCCA Agility Co-Chairs

1-BCCA Awards:

We are currently drawing up a proposal for the place of the new AKC Preferred Classes in the BCCA Awards Program. Karen Barratt designed and ordered 10 AKC MACH ribbons, assuring that MACH ribbons will be on hand at all BCCA Specialty Agility Trials, starting with this year's.


The Agility Committee fosters the sport of dog agility through publication in the Beardie Bulletin and the Bagpipes. All AKC Titles and BCCA Awards are published in the Bulletin. The Beardie Agility Diehards (BAD) pay for all agility pages above the yearly allotment and for the publication of USDAA, NADAC, CPE, and UKC titles as well. Over the last seven years the Diehards have sponsored 70.5 pages in the Bulletin and contributed $6,725 toward publication. These extra pages are considered "ads."


The BCCA website's Agility Section contains two agility articles and a link to the Beardie Agility Diehard website. (

The BAD website, started on New Year's Day 1998, has a large section devoted to BCCA Agility, listing the current BCCA Agility Committee, the complete list of all BCCA Agility Award winners since 1996, the Register of Merit for Agility, and all of the BCCA National Specialty results with pictures, starting with the first trial in 1996. Regional Beardie Club Specialty Agility Trials are featured as well. The website includes the 308 Beardies who have earned legs and titles in the five United States dog agility organizations. Dues paying members have pages with pictures and their complete agility statistics. All others are listed together by geographical regions. Currently there are 368 Agility Beardies on the BAD Website, including 328 at home and 40 abroad.

The Beardie Agility Line, started in January of 2000, brings togther the Agility Community from around the USA and all over the world to discuss techniques, to help those new to the sport, and to share agility successes and questions. Joanne Williamson publishes the AKC legs and titles to this line on a monthly basis and the standings periodically. Libby Myers-Buhite publishes the USDAA, CPE and UKC titles and Lu Bergen publishes the NADAC titles. The year-end BCCA Awards are confirmed and published to the line before being printed in the Bulletin.

4-Agility Legs and Titles earned in United States Organizations:

AKC-American Kennel Club: 296 Beardies have earned AKC legs. We now have 8 Champions, 2 of whom are Triple AKC Champions (MACH3), 31 Beardies who have earned "Double Masters" titles in Standard and Jumpers with Weaves, 46 Beardies with at least one Masters title, and 97 Beardies with Excellent titles.

NADAC-North American Dog Agility Council: 114 Beardies have earned NADAC legs. We now have 1 Beardie who is a Champion, a Veteran Champion, and an Outstanding Veteran Champion. We have 2 Superior Elite, 5 Outstanding Elite, and 25 Elite titled Beardies.

USDAA-United States Dog Agility Association: 62 Beardies have earned USDAA legs. We now have 3 Champions, 1 Accomplished Performance Dog, and 10 Beardies with Masters titles.

UKC-United Kennel Club: 20 Beardies have earned UKC legs, including 3 Champion Excellent Beardies and 4 Champion Beardies.

CPE-Canine Performance Events: 10 Beardies have earned CPE legs. To date, two are competing at level 4, the Excellent Level.


The BCCA Agility Committee would like to recognize and congratulate Leslie Dawson-North and Heather, Aceilidhs Chase N Some Thrills, OA, OAJ, AG.N. They were invited to be on the Canadian Team at the World Championships in Italy. Leslie and Heather came in amongst the very top dogs in the WORLD!

The BCCA Agility Committee would like to recognize and congratulate the winner of two of the top BCCA Agility Trophies for 2003, the Diehard and the Jumpers with Weaves trophies:

Sarah Halsey and Wizard, MACH3 Anasazi Secret of the Wizard

The BCCA Agility Committee would like to recognize and congratulate the winner of the BCCA Denia Award for 2003:

Leslie Dawson-North and Moxie, Aceilidh's Thrill of the Chase, MX, AXJ

The BCCA Agility Committee would also like to recognize and congratulate our two AKC Triple Champions and our four new AKC Agility Champions who are Beardie ambassadors to the all-breed world of dog agility:

Karen Barratt and Jet - MACH3 - 15 February 2004
MACH3 O'Duinnin HMT Sonic Boom

Sarah Halsey and Wizard - MACH3 - 9 May 2004
MACH3/ADCH Anasazi Secret of the Wizard

David Williamson and Harley - MACH - 16 November 2003
MACH Harley of St. John

Leslie Dawson-North and Kassi - MACH - 2 January 2004
Can Ch/OTCH/MACH Buaidh Mithandril Xerox O'Jen, CD

Ann Chandoha and Arbi - MACH - 14 February 2004
Ch/MACH O'Duinnin HMT Rhythm 'N Booze

Karen Barrett and Bud - MACH - 19 September 2004
Ch/MACH O'Duinnin HMT A Bud for Boo

6- Goals for 2004-2005

The BCCA Agility Committee is currently discussing the place of the new Preferred Agility Classes in the BCCA Awards Program in relation to the trophies and certificates and how best to award title points in the Register of Merit Program. They will soon be making recommendations to the Board for approval.

7-Thank yous:

The Agility Committee thanks Joanne Williamson for doing the AKC statistic and BCCA Awards, Lu Bergen for doing the NADAC statistics, Karen Barrett for the MACH ribbons to be brought to the Specialties, the Beardie Agility Community for the Diehard Trophy, Emily Venator and Glenn Hamilton for the Denia Award, Beth White for the Jumpers with Weaves Trophy, Beth Canner for the Ryan Awards and the Relay Banner, the Florida Club for the Sunshine Award, and Amber Carpenter for making the Agility Certificates this year. We also thank Lillian Esposito for doing such a fine job with agility publications in the Bulletin and Susan Lybrand for her editorship of the Bagpipes. We thank Kim Horsley for chairing this year's National Specialty Agility Day and Jana Dozet for being Chief Ring Steward for the Specialty. It has been a pleasure working with all of you!

Libby Myers-Buhite of Santa Clara CA, Co-Chair
Karen Barratt of Galveston TX, Co-Chair
Joanne Williamson of Boxboro MA, AKC Records and BCCA Awards
Beth Canner of Seminole FL, First Agility Chair and AKC Judge
Jack Buhite of Santa Clara CA
Ann Chandoha of Marble Falls TX
Liz Cox of Mocksville NC
Leslie Dawson-North of Wabigoon, Ontario, CKC Judge
Charles Gibson of New Caledonia MI
Sarah Halsey of Fallbrook CA
Antoinette Krafcheck of Mishawaka IN
Sharon Prassa of Sacramento CA
Christiana Taylor of Auburn WA
Betty Winfield of Nine Mile Falls WA

Last updated 13 October 2004

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