Kathy's Portraits


Ch MACH Balgrae's Sean Mackay


Handled by Joanne Williamson

DENIA AWARD 1998-1999

Emily and I would like to extend our warmest congratulations to Balgrae's Sean Mackay (Sean) and Joanne Williamson for their victory in winning the Denia award for 1998. This was a great victory as Sean and Joanne had some tough competition from Leslie Dawson-North and Chase making the win that much more special.

To win this award requires the best partnership between you and your dog as well as a well-planned campaign strategy. The dog has to be ready for all levels of Agility at the start of the year, the handler has to have the time, energy and wherewithall to compete for the whole year and then some amount of luck has to come into play as well. It's not enough to just get the legs, you must get good scores as well. So in that sense, its every bit as difficult as any campaign we dog people compete for.

Joanne planned her run for the top very carefully and saw everything fall into place just as she planned it.

Congratulations from Denia, Emily and I on a great victory!


Emily Venator and Glenn Hamilton

Venham Bearded Collies

Last updated 11 December 2002

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