Ch O'Duinnin Andy Gabel Stolaway



4/24/94 - 2/10/05 - Rainbow Bridge

Breeder: Eileen Dinneen-O'Duinnin

Ch Chelsic D'Arbonne Brigadier x

Ch O'Duinnin Oh DeLorean, AX, AXJ, CD, HIC, ROM, ROMI, ROMAX, VX (DeLorean)

Owner/Handler: Ann Chandoha of Marble Falls TX

From Ann Chandoha:

Dear Libby,

My precious boy, Stoli, lost his battle very heroically and valiantly to Hemangiosarcoma at 5:20 this evening. He was surrounded by me, his poppa, Ron, his dear friends Gretchen and Darren Blackburn, and two other dear wonderful friends. "His" Karen, (aka Mama K) and Ernie were surely there, in spirit; as were Wade and Nancy Pelton and David Williamson and Dennis Staloch. He left us knowing we were all there loving him...

I will always be indebted to Eileen Dinneen for entrusting this precious boy to me.
And, to Gretchen for "convincing" Eileen that I would be a "wonderful" Mama to Stoli.

NOTHING will be the same for me without him. He truly was a "ONE OF A KIND DOG" very first Beardie and one of the greatest loves of my life...

I give great thanks to the Good Lord for my precious girls..Arbi and Dru. They are a comfort and will help us with this heartbreaking pain.

Please send this to all the dear Beardie friends in our organization.

"Rest well, my darling Stoli. I love you more than the spoken word can tell..."

From Karen Barratt:

Hi everyone-

I just talked to Ann. She just had to put Stoli down. He took a turn for the worse during the night and ultrasound showed that he had many tumors on his liver and was bleeding internally. She spent the day with him at the vet with many friends and after feeding him his favorite meal of fried chicken asked the vet to put him down.

Stoli is at the rainbow bridge probably barking for his evening meal and bouncing to get birdies out of a heavenly tree. He was lucky in many ways in not having to suffer the indignities of old age. He spent last weekend on one of the many roadtrips to a dog show that he enjoyed so much. I feel fortunate that he was able to come to Galveston on that last trip. Stoli and Boo were the catalysts which formed a lasting friendship between Ann and I. We covered so many miles across this country from coast to coast with him usually claiming the whole back end of the SUV while everyone else was crowded in the front seat. Ann and I would laugh and say that we could just as well be driving a sport car. I will always remember him fondly and miss his antics terribly.

From Eileen Dinneen:

Last month I had to share with you all my sad news about DeLorean. This time I have more sad news. DeLorean's first champion get, O'Duinnin Andy Gabel Stolaway (Stoli) had to be put down last Thursday. His owner Ann had spent thousands of dollars trying to give him extra years that his poor cancer ridden body just could no longer maintain. She, like me, gave him a last feast of Kentucky fried chicken. (If this keeps up, no beardie owner will be able to look KFC in the face any more). Robin, again thank you for that lovely poem. I have made a copy and sent it to Ann. I know that in time, she will be able to read it. I could not get through it tonite without many tears. I have to remind myself that God made these perfect creatures lives shorter so that they could be with Him much sooner. Again, hug those critters for me.

AKC DL52939605

Standard Titling

3/09/97   Novice A 24"-Leg 1	100	2nd/13	41.00'/62'
7/18/97   Novice A 24"-Leg 2	 95
10/18/97  Novice A 24"-Leg 3	100	1st/10			NA

9/05/98   Open 24"-Leg 1	 93
6/05/99   Open 24"-Leg 2	 95	2nd/10	65.60'/71'
7/25/99   Open 24"-Leg 3	 93	4th/22	71.99'/70'	OA
10/31/99  Open 24"-Leg 4	 95	      	57.34'/65'

Jumps with Weaves

7/18/98   Novice B 24" Leg 1	 98	      	00.00'/37'	
9/05/98   Novice B 24" Leg 2	 99	      	00.00'/39'	
9/06/98   Novice B 24" Leg 3	100	4th/19	00.00'/39'	NAJ

6/05/99   Open 24"-Leg 1	100	1st/10	35.35'/38'
7/02/00   Open 24"-Leg 2	100	2nd/4 	33.00'/35'
9/02/00   Open 24"-Leg 3	 94	4th/16 	46.03'/43'	OAJ

USDAA U105689

Standard Titling

6/12/99   Performance I Regular-Leg 1-Q	1st/14	57.00'/67'
4/16/00   Performance I Regular-Leg 2-Q	2nd/10	52.72'/62'

Non-Titling Games

10/3/99   Performance I Jumpers		3rd/
10/3/99   Performance I Gamblers        4th/


7/17/99   Novice Regular 20" Leg 1-CR	4th/16	48.00'/52.00'
7/17/99   Novice Regular 20" Leg 2-5  	      	49.00'/52.00'
12/5/99   Novice Regular 24" Leg 3-CR	4th/11	40.90'/51.70'	NAC
4/29/00   Novice Regular 24" Leg 4-CR	2nd/21	46.93'/55.00'

12/4/99   Novice Jumpers 24" Leg 1   	       	25.13'/32.00'
4/28/01   Novice Jumpers 24"-Leg 2   	2nd/   	27.79'/33.53'	NJC

12/5/99   33rd NAC
4/28/01   42nd NJC    

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