AKC Agility Trial
Bearded Collie National Specialty
Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Fort Collins, CO
Judge Joni Weed

Fourth Annual Team Relay


Relay Banner designed by Gretchen Blackburn

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The "Flying Annie" Relay Banner was again presented to the Winning Team

"Toast Of The Coast"

Pat Coreris with Chipper and Sharon Baker with Pearl

Ch Spindrift William Rikker, MX, MXJ, PT, CD, VX


Photo by Tien Tran


Ch Gemstone Pearl of a Girl, OA, AXJ, HIC, CGC


Photo by Ann Clayton

31.59' - Toast of the Coast
Pat Coreris and Chipper
Sharon Baker and Pearl
32.00' - Caper con Brio
Jack Buhite and Caper
Sharon Williamson and Brio
32.28'- Fly Boys
Sue Jamison and Bogie
Judy Morris and Echo
38.57' - Texas Two Steppers
Karen Barratt and Jet
Linda Swain and Arbi
38.75' - TOTTS
Wade Pelton and Dallas
Karen Barratt and Budweiser
39.12' - The Beauty and the Beast
Dana Lipman and Abby
Jeff Ipser and Jax
41.75' - The Sorcerer and his Apprentice
Doug Halsey and Wizard
Sarah Halsey and Impy
43.22' - Loco--Motion
Jenny Scheytt and Maggie
MaryAnn Szalka and Checkers
44.28' - Double Trouble
Kim Horsley and Bronte
Mary Lott and Harper
47.02' - Cover Girls
Pam Harris and Jodie
Jana Dozet and Star
50.22' - Roaring 70's
Mary Edner and Trouble
Charlie Banfield and Lorna
54.75' - Ballistic Oregon Boys
Barbara Stone and Brinian
Mary Lott and Brodie
61.97' - Twisted Sister 2
Kim Horsley and Grendel
Patti Bott and Spice
70.53' - Bad to the Bone
BJ Waler and Mindy
Kim Horsley and Kailey
111.22' - 4-b-EWE-tiful babes
Elaine Robinson and Rachel
Barbara Claxton and BlueBerry
NT - Playgirls
Maggie Riechman and Bridie
Sue Jamison and Sophie
NT - Rowdy Girls
Kathy Haas and Godiva
Wanda Packard and Star
NT - Team Krazy
Sharon Prassa and Zoot
Bobbie Raguse and Kira
ab-The Killer Bees
Joanne Williamson and Beau
Michele Ritter and Biff

Standard Classes

Jumpers with Weaves Classes

Team Relay - 2004 - Each two-member team exchanged four times-a kind of strategic pairs

Team Relay - 2003 - Four member team
Team Relay - 2002 - Strategic Pairs - Two member team
Team Relay - 2001 - Four member team

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