CH Melita Miro Hooligan Hoopla


Hooligan. DN137006/01. Dog. 1/14/06.

Breeders: Jean Richland, Jennings Kelly, Mary Scarborough

Ch Spindrift James B MacGregor x Ch Melita Bright Star

Owners: Sarah and Doug Halsey of Fallbrook, CA

Handler: Sarah Halsey

AKC DN137006/01

Standard Titling

 6/23/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 1      88    3rd/7     61.69'/59'  2.13
 7/28/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 2     100    1st/6     40.72'/73'  4.26	
 9/15/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 3      85    4th/7     48.95'/67'  3.16  NA
 7/20/08 Open 20"-Leg 1          93    1st/5     61.02'/60'  2.59
 9/07/08 Open 20"-Leg 2         100    1st/8     56.36'/67'  3.21
 9/21/08 Open 20"-Leg 3         100    2nd/8     45.60'/65'  3.92  OA
11/16/08 Excellent A 20"-Leg 1  100    1st/6     46.49'/62'  4.24

Jumpers with Weaves

 5/19/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 1     100    2nd/6     26.33'/33'  3.72
 5/25/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 2     100    2nd/8     21.14'/37'  5.25
 5/26/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 3      95              26.34'/39'  4.44  NAJ
 6/24/07 Open 20"-Leg 1         100    2nd/6     25.05'/32'  4.43
 7/02/07 Open 20"-Leg 2         100    1st/12    30.59'/43'  4.94
 7/08/07 Open 20"-Leg 3         100    2nd/29    29.04'/40'  4.82  OAJ
 7/22/07 Open 20"-Leg 4          95    1st/8     28.67'/42'  4.53
 7/28/07 Excellent A 20"-Leg 1  100    3rd/12    30.30'/41'  5.08
 8/19/07 Excellent A 20"-Leg 2  100    1st/5     30.78'/40'  4.87
 9/03/07 Excellent A 20"-Leg 3  100    1st/7     29.62'/40'  5.03  AXJ

Championship Legs

Jumpers with Weaves

 9/09/07 Excellent B 20"-Leg 1  100              27.81'/36'  4.82		
 9/15/07 Excellent B 20"-Leg 2  100              30.47'/41'  5.05
12/30/07 Excellent B 20"-Leg 3  100    2nd/32    25.70'/37'  5.45
 2/10/08 Excellent B 20"-Leg 4  100    4th/16    24.53'/34'  5.18
 3/15/08 Excellent B 20"-Leg 5  100    3rd/36    24.59'/36'  5.53
 5/11/08 Excellent B 20"-Leg 6  100              30.23'/45'  5.56
 1/17/09 Excellent B 20"-Leg 7  100              24.38'/38'  5.91
 9/25/09 Excellent B 20"-Leg 8  100              24.99'/37'  5.60
 4/18/10 Excellent B 20"-Leg 9  100              28.33'/42'  158
 9/16/11 Excellent B 20"-Leg 10 100    1st/21    26.72'/42'  158   MXJ
10/12/13 Excellent B 20"-Leg 11 100              26.59'/38'  144	11
10/27/13 Excellent B 20"-Leg 12 100              29.02'/41'  152	11

Championship Points

 9/09/07 CPs-   8		
 9/15/07 CPs-  10
12/30/07 CPs-  16
 2/10/08 CPs-   9
 3/15/08 CPs-  11
 5/11/08 CPs-  14
 1/17/09 CPs-  13
 9/25/09 CPs-  12 
 4/18/10 CPs-  13
 9/16/11 CPs-  15   MXJ
10/12/13 CPs-  11
10/27/13 CPs-  11
 Total   CPs- 139


 5/26/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 1      54              26.81'/32'
 5/27/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 2      62    2nd/12    35.72'/32'
 5/28/07 Novice B 20"-Leg 3      64    2nd/7     22.79'/32'  60.0  NF
 6/09/07 Open 20"-Leg 1          67              28.03'/32'
 6/10/07 Open 20"-Leg 2          64    4th/9     32.15'/32'
 6/16/07 Open 20"-Leg 3          59              30.65'/32'  63.3  OF
 6/06/09 Excellent A 20"-Leg 1   64    1st/2     32.84'/32'
 9/07/13 Excellent A 20"-Leg 2         1st/

Time 2 Beat

 7/06/11 TTB 20" Leg 1           10    1st/13    30.26'/30.26'
 2/25/12 TTB 20" Leg 2            9              28.32'/25.85'
 9/07/13 TTB 20" Leg 3            8                          27 

AKC Preferred


 4/14/07 Novice P 16"-Leg 1      53    2nd/3     40.70'/35'
 4/15/07 Novice P 16"-Leg 2      65    2nd/2     32.17'/35'
 4/19/07 Novice P 16"-Leg 3      65    1st/2     32.47'/35'  61.0  NFP  
 4/22/07 Novice P 16"-Leg 4      75    1st/1     35.28'/35'
 4/28/07 Novice P 16"-Leg 5      58    1st/1     40.51'/35'

USDAA U506178

 4/10/11  Starters Relay with Aussie J. Lo

CPE 09226-01

Show Date	Club Name	Judge  		  Class		HtCat   Level   Rnd	 Time  Pts/Flts  Place  Q-Pts

CPE Level 3 (6 Qualifying Standard Legs and 3 of each Game)

Regular (CL3-R)

10/23/2010	TemValAg CA 	Shane McConnell	  Standard	R	3	1	 45.00	 0	3	25
10/24/2010	TemValAg CA 	Joanna Ambroz	  Standard	R	3	1	 32.49	 0	1	25
10/22/2011	TemValAg CA 	Bobbie Kurivial	  Standard	R	3	1	 28.61	 5	3	20

Fun Games (CL3-F)

10/23/2010	TemValAg CA 	Shane McConnell	  FullHouse	R	3	1	 35.53	38	4	20
02/13/2011	UpsNDowns CA	L Haidle-Potts	  FullHouse	R	3	1	 32.42	45	1	20
04/23/2011	UpsNDowns CA	Barrett Benson	  FullHouse	R	3	1	 34.97	29	2	20
04/24/2011	UpsNDowns CA	Barrett Benson	  FullHouse	R	3	1	 36.49	30	2	20
01/20/2008	TemValAg CA 	PamelaRichcreek	  Jumpers	R	3	1	 28.37	10	4	10

Handler Games (CL3-H)

10/24/2010	TemValAg CA 	Shane McConnell	  Colors	R	3	1	 18.68	 0	2	15
05/15/2011	TemValAg CA 	Jerry McKenzie	  Colors	R	3	1	 14.39	 0	1	15
10/22/2011	TemValAg CA 	Bobbie Kurivial	  Colors	R	3	1	 20.60	 0	1	15    CL3-H
10/23/2010	TemValAg CA 	Joanna Ambroz	  Wildcard	R	3	1	 19.75	 0	1	20
10/24/2010	TemValAg CA 	Shane McConnell	  Wildcard	R	3	1	 18.99	 0	1	20
01/09/2011	PerfDogTr CA	Cheryl Huffman	  Wildcard	R	3	1	 14.80	 5	3	15

Strategy Games (CL3-S)

03/05/2011	UpsNDowns CA	Ken Perlmutter	  Jackpot	R	3	1	 50.11	43	1	25
04/23/2011	UpsNDowns CA	Barrett Benson	  Jackpot	R	3	1	 44.36	46	1	25
04/24/2011	UpsNDowns CA	Barrett Benson	  Jackpot	R	3	1	 43.58	50	2	25
06/19/2011	DASH      CA	D Wiglesworth	  Snooker	R	3	1	 49.32	36		25

CPE Level 3 (6 Qualifying Standard Legs and 3 of each Game)

Regular (CL4-R)

Fun Games (CL4-F)

06/19/2011	DASH      CA	Joanna Ambroz	  FullHouse	R	4	1	 36.21	37	1	20

Handler Games (CL4-H)

04/24/2011	UpsNDowns CA	Barrett Benson	  Wildcard	R	4	1	 19.31	 5	2	15

Strategy Games (CL4-S)

05/15/2011	TemValAg CA	Cheryl Huffman	  Jackpot	R	4	1	 44.87	45	1	25
07/24/2011	UpsNDowns CA	Lisa Potts	  Jackpot	R	4	1	 44.61	48	2	25
10/22/2011  25th CL3-H


Regular-Leg 1

Photo by Rae Zimmerman

Hooligan Jumping the Triple


Libby, I am having a ball with Hooligan! It is so much fun to be training a dog again and to keep trying to think up ways to outwit him! Hoolie IS a hooligan! We are just so excited and thrilled with his progress, his drive and speed, his willingness in spite of how very green he is. We have another Ganbling "fool"! Just like Wizzie was! First titles all involve the sends and he loves working at a great distance, and yet he checks in and can change direction much faster than Wizzie.

He got 5 legs in Nov.Pref. FAST. Then we moved to regular Nov.FAST where he got his 3 legs under Tammy and Kira at the Mission Memorial Day trials. He ran once in reg Nov JWW before Mission getting 2nd, and then got his title at Mission. We moved him to Open JWW where he has done several attempts, each with only one fault, one of which was me confusing the Open course with Wizzie's EX JWW which I had just run! See, I am still doing stupid mistakes!

Hoolie of course is doing best in Open FAST where he has 2 legs already! In Std we are still in Novice where there can be all sorts of issues, sometimes contacts, or runbys or off-courses, all sorts of typical green dog mistakes. But his ONLY nonfocused moment occured when he went to jump on a judge but then came right back to continue working. Wizzie as a youngster had many of those occasions and DIDN'T continue working. Anyhow we can't believe his first trial was April 14 and how much he has blossomed in less than 2 months (not all good, of course, but a lot that is very good!). We expected to still be in Preferred and maybe still just Novice FAST!


This summer has already been really great fun.for me! To once again have a young Beardie boy (who is a Hooligan, that's for sure!!) starting to perform in agility trials is, well,about the neatest thing in the whole world!!! It sure keeps you on your toes to see SOME training successes, thenhave to try to figure out ALL the training mistakes, laugh(or cry)at the unexpected, and to just be able to watch and be part of the fun of having a brand new "work in progress'! Of course that "work" never ends, and Wizzie always makes sure I never forget!!! He loves learning, however, so training Hoolie also gives me many new ideas to try on Wizzie!

And it is really fun to work Wizzie and Hoolie both TOGETHER at home. I know "serious" trainers probably would not advocate doing that, but it sure is a lot of fun for us and I think they learn faster and better by playing. Wizzie and Hoolie go over the A-Frame together (first to contact gets the cookie!), chase one another through tunnels, and so on. It's all noisy fun! And when they race each other across our field, Hoolie always has to be even with Wizzie, or upstage Wizzie by cutting in front of him.

So, at a recent trial, I discovered that Hoolie does want to, at least, be even with Wizzie. If I had known this, I guess I would had no worries about the outcome of their runs! Wizzie performed well in a JWW class that I had been watching earlier with my friends, bemoaning that it was not easy and certainly that it wasn't the kind of course Wizzie, or I, could do well on. Wizzie had to prove me wrong, runningr it really nicely and he even won the class!

However, when I saw that Open JWW was built from the Ex JWW course (with just two minor changes), I almost didn't run Hoolie as I was sure it was well beyond him. Furthermore, even I didn't want to run it again! But copycat that he is, Hoolie too had to also prove me wrong. He, too, had a really nice run and he too won his class, for his 2nd Open JWW leg!

At his next trial last weekend, Hoolie finally outdid Wizzie, getting his Open JWW title on a day that Wizzie got an NQ. We were really proud of Hoolie's run. He got 2nd in a huge class of 29 !!! Open 20" dogs at the big Wags for Wishes trial in San Diego!

It sure doubles my fun to have two wonderful happy (somewhat wild and crazy, too) Beardie boys to run! And I feel doubly lucky to have 9 year old Wizzie still running like a puppy and 18 months old (today) Hoolie beginning to run like a pro!

Sarah and Doug
Wizzie, Impy, and Hoolie
and Purple (12 year old GSD)



Hi Libby,

Oh, Libby, the photo of our Hooligan that you just placed on the BAD website showing exuberant Hoolie leaping playfully in the lake with such joy and abandon, just did turn out to REALLY and TRULY look like all the wonderful fun of a summer vacation!!!!! I just love the way it looks! You do wonders with pictures making them sparkle and look so good! THANK YOU so much for putting it there for me to look at any time I have need for a smile and any time I bring up BAD! Hppefully it will make others smile, too!

The photographer was Terry Curtiss, who did that poster you saw of Hoolie a sa little puppy, actually during Hoolie's very first trip to the lake. I know Terry would love seeing his name there to get credit for taking that picture just at the perfect moment!

And I don't know where to begin thanking you, Libby! You keep everything and everybody MORE than up to date.It is so helpful and so wonderful for all us BADsters. I can't even imagine all the work involved! I have trouble organizing even ONE single simple day!

Most of all, a very special thankyou and very big hug for putting up my happy picture of Hoolie! And hoping that your summer is also being fun and wonderful, too!

Our best to you, always
Sarah  (and Doug)

July 8, 2011

Since retiring Wizzie at the 2010 Invitational (and Wizzie, at 13, is doing fine, just as silly and happy as ever, thank goodness!), Hoolie and I have not done much training and have trialed even less, which I miss very much. Hoolie and I always have a ton of fun.... and that is usually the end of the story! At a recent trial, I had entered T2B just as an afterthought, thinking I needed to learn it, and it might be a good warm-up. I had loved FAST, and so did Wizzie, as he was just so good and fun as a gambling dog. I read about T2B and didn't think it would be as much fun or as good for in-the-ring training as was FAST. And so I walked this particular T2B course, which had twice over the A-Frame and Poles. Poles are Hoolie's absolute favotite obstacle. Can't exactly say the same for the A-Frame, or rather particularly its contact! I also thought it seemed very short with only about13 obstacles. And it also had one of the best local young fast and winning Border Collies entered. And it was hot and humid! Qualifying did not crossmy mind. To add to my thinking this was only going to be yet another run around the ring for us, as I stood watching other 20" dogs run before Hoolie and me, I suddenly realized there were 4 MORE jumps after what I HAD thought was the finish!!! They were at tight irregular angles and I had no time to figure out how to handle them. Oh would still be a fun run! And it was! Hoolie held his down at the start line, did perfect A-Frames, and kept all the bars up. But I thought I had an off-course in those last 4 unwalked jumps, because I was unsure of their layout.It was SO disappointing because contacts were good and bars had stayed up. It was fast and fun, but it wouldn't be a Q. But when we looked at the results, not only had Hoole NOT had a wrong course, he had gotten a Q!!!! And not just a Q, but he WON the class of 13! The other 3 Qs were all BCs, including the one I mentioned above. And for more icing, Hoolie had the fastest time of all jump heights in T2B. And so Hoolie had his own fun and excitement getting to run fast, and I had the fun of running with him, and of doing a trial. And the bonus was I got to pick up a rarity, a 1st place ribbon! Maybe I should have known Hoolie could do this, had I seen ahead of time that our secretary had decided to provide Q ribbons of NOT the usual colors. First place was a TEAL rosette, which just happens to be Hoolie's color (for his hair band and leashes)! And of course now, from being my LEAST favorite class, T2B has become the MOSTEST! Maybe Hoolie will become a T2B expert, just like Wizzie was in FAST. Wouldn't that be FUN!!!

September 20, 2011

Last weekend Hoolie got his MXJ! It was a WOW moment for me, really the feeling was just like the thrill of a MACH! Honestly almost unbelieveable!!! Trials are so few and too far between for us lately that I have almost forgotten the color of the Q ribbon! In spite of this, Hoolie's only "hooliganism" is being in love with running fast, screaming all the way! He can hardly control his little self when he hears his name called at the Gate just before his turn. Yet he sits quietly outside the gate, stays down at the startline, holds his table and checks with me for cues. His running contacts are still "in process". I'm the problem on our team, with slow or incorrect cues! Hoolie could stay home and should send ME to classes!

Now, back to THE Q: We only were able to go to the trial on Friday. I particularly was looking forward to T2B, the first class, and the last time Hoolie got a Q, was last summer, winning T2B. Of course T2B immediately became my favorite class! However, being unused to trialing and Friday traffic, we arrived too late for T2B, and barely had time to walk JWW, the first class. It was a nice course, even though I always worry about the terrain in that ring, especially for an eager dog. Therefore I couldn't be sure Hoolie got around clean, even though friends said they were sure he had. I was so excited to think he had Q'd finally, and then it dawned on me it might even be his MXJ!!!! What a moment, soon followed by a scary moment thinking he couldn't have Q'd! So, we went over to the computer......and saw that Hoolie not only had Q'd, he had WON the class! I guess it is feast or famine, but I wouldn't trade my Hooligan for anything. They are so right when they say watch out what you name your dog, because he might just live up to his name! Well, we did right! We love Hoolie because he IS a HOOLIGAN!

Melita Miro Hooligan Hoopla whooping it up! by Terry Curtiss

We just got this picture of Hoolie at the Lake! It would appear that he, too, is celebrating the fact that CA AB 1634 has been pulled (a very BIG yay!!!!! Thank goodness!!!!!!!!).

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